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Cooker Hobs Explained: Gas, Induction & Ceramic

Cooking used to be such a simple affair. All you need is an open fire and you’re good to go. Today, however, is a whole different story. There are so many types of hobs out there that one can easily get confused as to what type of hob to get for your kitchen. To make things easier for you, here are 3 popular types of cooker hobs and their main features.



Gas Induction Ceramic

Uses natural gas, propane or other types of flammable gas

Uses electromagnetic fields

Is electric and has a heating element under the toughened glass

Any metal pot is suitable

Requires enamelled steel pans, stainless steel pans with a magnetic base, cast iron pans or cookware that allows a magnet to stick to its bottom

Uses the same type of cookware as the induction hob, you’re recommended to use pans that are of the same diameter as the cooking zone

Gives off a lot of heat, which makes the kitchen hot

Gives off little heat so the kitchen stays cool

Gives off lesser heat than the gas cooker hob

Common in Asian kitchens where dishes are usually prepared via stir-frying or other methods involving cooking oil, so clean-ups may be a little troublesome

Easy to clean and energy efficient

Easy to clean, but need to be careful of scratches or allow food spills (especially those with high sugar content) to dry on the surface as it might cause uneven surfaces and reduce the cooker hob’s efficiency

Easy to control the flame and heat

Easy to use and heats up quickly

Easy to use and heats up quickly

Great for traditionalists

Trendy looking

Trendy looking

Suitable for families with no children or have older children who know not to endanger themselves in the kitchen

Suitable for people with young families

Suitable for people with young families


So what makes a suitable cooker hob for you? Your choice ultimately depends on your lifestyle. If you enjoy cooking that involves lots of stir-frying and deep frying, then the gas hob is suitable for you. But if you have a family with young children, then the induction may be the better choice. At the end of the day, pick one that is most aligned with your lifestyle so that cooking times won’t be such a drag.

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