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Considering Spaces in Renovation


In renovation, space is the key. Of course, choosing the right renovation contractors is essential too and relaying your idea is important – but the line dividing between making the ideas of yours a possibility is space.

Once you have considered the space, you can then decide on how to renovate and decorate the room. Dark walls have traditionally been thought to make a room seem smaller, but this is not necessarily true. Dark colours can, if used discerningly, help create a warm and cosy atmosphere in renovation. Accent walls are the walls that are a different colour from the rest of the room, or have patterned wallpaper are actually simple ways of spicing up your room. They perk up space even. Home owners and renovation contractors should also take care not to get carried away by their vision and ignore practical considerations. Fancy beams, opulent partitions, posh cornices and sparkling chandeliers look wonderful, but if the family is unable to keep up with the housekeeping required, the accumulation of dust and grime will soon turn the home into a place of discomfort. Or home owners may want a sleek, futuristic look, but sharp edges on the furniture means it may not be the best option if they plan on starting a family soon. Remember that the chosen furniture has to suit your needs and not the other way around.

Yes, working with your existing space during renovation can be stressful but it can also be fun if you find the right partner. Choose from Singapore’s list of renovation contractors and for sure, you will find one who can meet your expectations and suit your needs. Singapore has quite a few renovation comparison sites too. You just need to find one that is reliable and adequately staffed so as to readily assist you when you need them.

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