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Confessions of a Panda Homeowner

I gotta confess; signing the lease agreement for my future BTO flat around 3 years ago was a tad scary but still, getting a home of my own with the “Panda Other (PO)” was an exciting prospect. I began reading up on design ideas and even signed up at renovation forums to begin the long arduous journey of realising our dream home.

As any homeowner can attest, the amount of information out there is MASSIVE. How anyone can sift through all the information and expect to emerge sane is beyond my panda comprehension, but I forge ahead nonetheless. After all, there’s got to be something that works for myself and PO! There are, of course, differences between how we visualise how our first home will look like. PO, like men are mostly inclined to do, prefer a minimalist and fuss-free design while I yearn for a cosy home with Scandinavian leanings. In fact if he had his way, our home will be as sparsely furnished as possible with black curtains covering the windows to block any unwelcome sunshine–like a dimly lit LAN shop on a seedy lane and DEFINITELY not my idea of home panda home.

But we do agree that our home should be easily maintained with few sharp corners to lower the risk of accidents, especially since the 4-room flat is a mere 92 sqm. With so little space to play with, all furnishings should be space efficient and comfy yet something unique that we can call our own. I perused numerous interior design styles and decided that the modern retro style is perfect for us. Well, at least PO doesn’t disagree too much with the concept. =D

What’s retro modern? Well, it’s a style that’s reminiscent of the recent decades but has been given a modern update like this room here:


Retro 60s inspired design by Adrienne Chinn


It’s simple yet cosy, because it incorporates the eye-popping colours that characterised the funky 1960s and the clean lines of a contemporary theme. Cute huh?

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