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Condo Unit Renovation Tips

Like all other renovation works, renovating a condominium unit in Singapore requires a hefty chunk of money, effort, time and attention. As condominium units, commonly referred to as condos, are meant for daily living, it is important to consider functionality before aesthetics when it comes to renovations.



Image by I-Bridge Design


Before you embark on your condo unit renovation, note that it would really take up your time for a couple of months, at least. Here’s a brief guide on how to go about with your condo unit renovation.

  1. Decide on your condo unit renovation style and theme. Start with your vision. What do you want your place to be, what do you want the ambience to be and how far down the road of creativity would you go? What you need to do is look at your present space and picture out what furniture you want to go with and what overall theme you prefer. Research through the internet or renovation magazines to get some ideas.
  2. Find a good renovation company whose renovation portfolio is both impressive and reliable. There are so many ways to find a good renovation company. You can ask around, or look at online websites. You will see clients’ reviews in some of them. Talk to a few of those renovators and find out which ones you would entrust the renovation work to. Once you have selected a renovator, you can then relay your vision. Let them do the blueprint and the planning.
  3. All other aspects. Let your chosen renovation company know of your budget. Ideally, you should be actively involved in selecting the wall paint or wallpaper, flooring, lights, furniture and everything else. It may sound overwhelming, but once you set your mind to it, it is not. The renovation company actually handles the tougher parts. These renovation companies know what they are doing.

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