The Complete Bathroom Renovation Guide: Shower Heads

  • Oct 3, 2016

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Bathrooms should not just be beautiful, they should be functional and convenient as well. It is thus appropriate at this point to introduce the true hero of the shower: the shower head. From classic ones to the latest in modern designs, shower heads can make a big impact on your bathroom and showering experience. You may or may not know that there are many different types of shower heads that have been designed to cater to individual needs and preferences. We are here to ease your search for one that suits your home.


Standard Wall-Mount / Single Spray


This is the most traditional and basic type of shower head. It includes simple and elaborate designs.

Pros: - One of the most economical options - Created in all sorts of styles and aesthetics to cater to many types of home themes and decor

Cons: - They look cheap most of the time - Do not offer flexibility that other shower heads have





Dual shower heads consist two separate heads, usually a handheld and a fixed. They are commonly installed when you want to share a shower with somebody else, in most cases your significant other.

Pros: - Allows you to get more water flow - Great for couples - Less time in the shower if you’re alone - More options because you can use two different spray patterns at the same time

Cons: - Water pressure might be diluted - Water efficiency might not be maximised





This is an option that most households carry. A handheld shower head is removable from its mounting and enables you to hold the head and direct water spray freely.

Pros: - Offers great flexibility - Facilitates washing - Can direct water spray wherever you want

Cons: - Can be costly - Installing a new one to replace the standard head might be a little problematic - Connecting cord can be damaged if pulled or twisted excessively



Rainshower / Rainfall / Top-Mount


As its name suggests, the rainshower was designed and intended to mimic the rainfall. It either installs directly onto the ceiling or hangs down from an extension arm to provide spray from directly overhead.

Pros: - Recent and trendy - Gorgeous and stylish - Produces a very consistent and relaxing spray pattern - You can just stand and enjoy your shower in peace without having to hold onto anything

Cons: - Can be costly - Cannot easily target the stream towards your back or other parts of your body



Sliding Bar


Shower heads on a sliding bar move up and down along a wall-mounted base.

Pros: - Height of the spray is easy to adjust - Good option when the heights of the people using the shower vary significantly

Cons: - The “sliding” function might wear out after extended use, and the shower head might occasionally  slide downwards because of its weight



Body Jets/Sprays


This is something I like to refer to as a “standing jacuzzi” or a “human carwash”. The shower heads are installed in vertical rows on opposite or adjacent walls.

Pros: - Makes taking a shower much easier, especially for those who have a hard time reaching their backs or other hard-to-reach places - Many different shower sprayers available so you have a lot of options

Cons: - May be tricky to install


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