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CNY Special: How to Properly Maintain Your Sofa

It’s the season for spring cleaning again! As you are busy sweeping and washing away, make sure you don’t neglect one of the most important areas of your home — yes, the living room. It’s where all your guests are going to gather and party things up. Here are some very helpful tips on how to care for your leather or fabric sofa from King Living, the designer, manufacturer, and retailer of multi-award winning sofa designs.




Leather upholstery Fabric upholstery
Spruce your sofa up for Chinese New Year -Avoid using household cleaners, wax, window cleaner, shoe cleaner, silicone, saddle soap, or detergents and instead use tailored products specifically developed for leather care.

-Before using any product, always pretest the leather cleaner and conditioner on a small concealed area to ensure the product is right.

-When cleaning, use a soft, clean, dye-free cloth to wipe off cleaning products. Pay special attention to wear areas such as seats, and arm and headrests that come in direct contact with skin or hair.

-Dust your leather furniture to ensure dirt and grit are removed as these can scratch the surface of leather

-For the best possible clean, glide your vacuum over the surface with a soft brush attachment. Use your special upholstery attachment on low suction for best results.

-When cleaning your sofa, avoid using too much force as it may lift the colour out of the fabric. Instead, use a gentle touch and focus on ‘high traffic’ areas such as the leg, arm, head, and back areas where perspiration and body oils often accumulate.

Salvage the sofa from food stains -The faster you act, the less damage there will be. Immediately soak up the liquid (from spilled drinks) with a soft cloth or paper towel and pat the sofa to absorb as much as you can. Blot gently and do not rub the stain forcefully.

-Prevent staining by using a suitable cleaning agent. Check with the retailer on which products are best suited for your sofa’s upholstery material.

-Use suitable products as general household cleaners will damage leather and discolour fabric

Maintaining the sofa in Singapore’s climate -All leather products will fade over time, but leather will keep its luxurious look and feel for longer if kept out of direct or indirect sunlight.

-Do not place your leather furniture too close to any source of heating, such as the television or refrigerator, as heat dries out and damages leather.

-Keep fabric sofas away from areas in the home that experience direct sunlight filtering in. Prolonged exposure to strong sunlight may cause the fabric upholstery to fade.

-For the best upkeep, King Living recommends a sofa be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Opt for fabric protection to be applied to a new sofa for that extra peace of mind.


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