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Closet Renovation for Small Homes

Most Singaporeans who reside in Home and Development Board (HDB) flats know how crucial it is to save space. One way to save space is to create a great layout for your closets that will maximize space available for usage. Modern day Singaporeans tend to collect more gadgets and more luxuries. From bags, shoes, clothes, accessories, gadgets and well, accessories for their gadgets – all these should be stored in a closet otherwise your flat will end up really messy.


Your closet renovation should be according to your needs. The size of your closet should fit your collection of clothes, shoes, sweaters, belts, handbags, hats and more. The current renovation design is a multi level closet that includes a series of rods and various organizers. These type of closets include lots of shelves and compartments for accessories and other everyday garments.

If you have space to spare, a walk in closet would be ideal. Of course, walk in closet renovations would take more time and more buck as it may require breaking down walls or building entirely new ones. Walk in closets also contain a series of storage spaces, mirrors, seating and even a flattering lighting.

Here’s what your renovation company should consider prior to renovating your closet space: They should increase closet storage my making use of all available space from floor to ceiling; they should include space expanding features and various shelves; they should combine functionality with aesthetic appeal.

If your renovation company suggests a small closet design, you can just hang a single rod from wall to wall while installing shelves at the top or at the bottom of the closet. Layering and adding multi level shelves will double your closet space. In addition, by integrating space expanding features such as drawers, you will find that you have a few more room for extras.

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