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13 Clever Ways to Hide Your TV

When it comes to placing that ugly black box i.e. the TV, in our homes, words have never rang truer than in Queen Elsa’s (from Frozen, if you’ve been living under a rock) song, “Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know…”

Source: Emily Henderson

Let’s make this clear: I am not a TV hater. TV watching is like breathing for me i.e. it’s a necessity. But sadly, that glorious black box is also a hideous piece of bull crapping – it just doesn’t fit in with my (snobbish) design sensibilities, or the rest of my décor for that matter.

If you’re facing the same issue, take heart, because there are ways around this:


1. Set it against a black wall

The best camouflage for your TV is a black wall. But it doesn’t just mean a boring matte-black painted wall; you can choose from black painted brick walls for an industrial look or a more glossy surface if you’re opting for a contemporary style.

Design: Rezt & Relax Interior

Design: Studio 20 Concepts


2. Recessed TV

By placing your TV within a recessed wall niche, your 55-inch eyesore becomes a lot less of a visual monstrosity. It’s a popular design, seeing as modern TVs are a lot flatter than they used to be.

Design: Rezt & Relax Interior

Design: Kuro+


3. Sleek sliding panels

Take things further with sliding panels, whether horizontal or vertical, that completely conceal the TV. We really like that the first design turns into a gorgeous wall feature when closed. Love!

Design: Free Space Intent

Design: Icon Interior Design


4. Behind the bookshelf

Possibly one of our favourite ideas – hide the black box behind a bookshelf. It’s acts as a great ruse too – guests will be impressed and think you’re super well read!

Design: Urban Habitat Design


5. Using art as a disguise

Speaking of tricking people (not that we’re endorsing this!), wall art is another great way to conceal the TV while letting your visitors think you’re tremendously artistic.

Design: Neu Konceptz


6. Get a TV projector

Simply cannot stand the sight of the television? Get rid of it entirely, and opt for a projector instead!

Design: UNO Interior


7. In the ceiling

Use a scissor lift mechanism to stow your TV away into the ceiling. I think this visual works especially well in an industrial setting.

Design: Space Sense Studio


8. Within your wardrobe

Have a TV in your bedroom? Hide it inside your wardrobe.

Design: Versaform


9. Lost amidst a gallery wall

A TV against a blank wall just makes it stand out. Consider making that black box less obtrusive by composing a gallery wall around it. Black-framed pictures work best in disguising the TV.

Design: Luxespace


10. Strips of wood

Sliding panels are brilliant in concealing the TV, but why not make an architectural statement out of it through strips of wood?

Design: ID Emboss



11. One of your black furnishings

One of the easiest ways to conceal your TV is to deck out your space with lots of other black accents too. Use soft accessories like cushions and rugs and furnishings such as floor lamps. Keep the rest of your palette in clean white for a stark and stylish appeal.

Design: Third Avenue Studio


12. Rotating panel

Now you see it, now you don’t. The rotating panel works best if you have another room just behind your TV wall that you can rotate the panel around to.


Design: Le Interi

13. Design element

Have your TV as part of the design element of your feature wall so that you have reasons to embrace it rather than rid of it.



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