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10 Clever Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

It’s often difficult to find enough storage space in small bedrooms, where a bed usually takes up most of the square footage, leaving little room for anything else. To help you maximise storage in your small bedroom, we take a look at the ones which came up with clever storage solutions for their limited space.

1. Go for a storage headboard

Headboards aren’t just an anchor for your bed; they can also work as storage. This headboard is a storage for books and also a study table on the opposite end. Compartments by the side also serve as a nightstand when needed.

Design: Adroit Interior Design

2. Double up your nightstand

Speaking of nightstands, don’t make them a one trick pony. Have them work extra hard by doubling them up as your dressing table. This nightstand is also an effective divider between the sleeping area and wardrobe.

Design: i.Poise Pte Ltd

3. Make use of a platform

Taking advantage of its tall ceiling, this tiny studio apartment decided to build up. The designer crafted a storage platform bed that encompassed drawers by the side, under-bed storage, a cushioned seating area that functions as the living room and a roll-away study table that can be manoeuvred to wherever it’s needed.

Design: Metre Architects

4. Frame your bed with built-in storage

Maximise oft-unused space by installing built-ins up and around your bed. This also keep the visual bulk to one side of the space, so the bedroom doesn’t feel overwhelmed with bulky storage.

Design: Charlotte’s Carpentry

5. Take advantage of a recessed wall

Put those pesky recessed walls to good use by building shallow shelving. They are the perfect platform for displaying your favourite knick-knacks. With the help of baskets, the indent wall also helps to organise extra pillows.

Design: A collaboration between 19EightyThree and Bowerman Interior

6. Now you see me, now you don’t

Concealed storage is one of the best solutions for small bedrooms, since it doesn’t take up visual space. It lends for a clean, seamless look, minimising clutter and mess. In this kid’s bedroom, the closet is hidden behind a series of panels made into the bedroom’s feature. Minimalist doorknobs provide the only indication for where the storage is.

Design: Akihaus

7. Fill the space under a window

Don’t waste that space under the window. The designer crafted a wall-mounted cabinet in this small bedroom, with one end functioning as a nightstand and the other serving as a vanity table.

Design: Weiken

8. Installed mirrored wardrobe fronts

Replacing conventional wardrobe fronts with mirror panels not only enhances the functionality of your closet, it also helps to create the illusion of a bigger, brighter and airier space thanks to the reflective qualities of mirrors. What’s not to like?

Design: Design Chapterz

9. Use roller blinds for wardrobe doors

Here’s another alternative to conventional wardrobe doors—roller blinds! They take up much less room and require lesser clearance space so you can have a bigger wardrobe to fit all your fashion needs.

Design: 19sixtyseven

10. Include a pull-out

When you don’t want to take up precious floor estate with a bedside table, use a pull-out that you can extend when you need to use it and stow it back when you’re done with it. This pull-out nightstand extends from a compartment of the wardrobe, which is built all the way to the side of the bed to maximise storage.

Design: Couple Abode


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