[Cleaning tips] How to Get Rid of the Smell Inside Shoe Cabinets

  • Jan 28, 2022

Singapore has humid weather. Sweat on the feet causes the smell of shoes, and the biggest impact on the home is the accumulation of smell and mould in the shoe cabinet. Besides using deodorants or other dehydration methods, the shoe cabinet design is also related to the smell of shoe cabinets! We will share some shoe-related deodorization methods with everyone. Interior Design: 96 Interior

Why is there a smell in shoe cabinets?

Generally, families want their homes to be visually clean and uncluttered, so shoes will be placed in the shoe cabinet, and even a large C-shaped cabinet in front of the entrance is specially made according to the interior design style during renovation. A C-shaped cabinet usually contains a shoe cabinet with a door. When it is used for a long time, and there is always a peculiar smell coming out. Human body secretions such as foot sweat were stuck in the shoes and the shoes were not washed as often as clothes, so they become mouldy and smelly. At the same time, the sealed cabinet door prevents the odour from dissipating with the circulating air, which causes the accumulation of bacteria and odour in the cabinet. Therefore, if you want to remove the smell, you should start with the following three aspects: shoes, shoe cabinets, and shoe cabinet design. Interior Design: K O Z É

Shoe deodorization method

1. Newspaper

Using newspaper to absorb moisture is some kind of traditional wisdom. The newspaper has a strong moisture absorption capacity, and it does not soften after absorbing moisture like paper towels. In addition, it contains a large amount of carbon ink, which has the effect of absorbing odours. Therefore, the newspaper can be crumpled into a ball and tucking it into shoes is a very effective way to absorb moisture and odour. In addition, you might as well try adding a few drops of scented essential oils before putting them inside to make your shoes scented.

2. Teabags/used coffee grounds/baking soda

Other common taste-absorbing artefacts at home are tea bags, used coffee grounds and baking soda. The volume of roasted coffee beans will expand, so the spaces will become larger and the amount of small pores will increase. The structure similar to active carbon can then absorb moisture. The tea contains tannins, which can kill bacteria. Just put them in the dust-proof bag, and then stuff them into the shoes to absorb moisture and improve the odour problem. Remember that tea bags and coffee grounds should be thoroughly dried before use.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol has a bactericidal effect. Although it is not used for moisture absorption, it can kill bacteria by spraying a few times in the shoes and there will be no smell due to the growth of bacteria. Compared with simply absorbing the smell, it is eliminating the source of the odour. But remember that this move is not suitable for leather shoes, so as not to damage the surface layer of leather shoes.

4. Charcoal

Charcoal has many tiny holes that are invisible to the naked eye and absorb water, so it is often used to absorb moisture and odour. Break the whole charcoal into pieces (about 3cm) to enlarge the contact area, then put them in the socks and tie them into the shoes, which can effectively absorb the moisture in the shoes and eliminate the odour.

Interior Design: Absolook Interior Design

Shoe cabinet deodorization methods

1. Soap

Use scented soap to counter the smell of shoes! Shoe cabinets accumulate the smell of shoes because of the sealed design of the shoe cabinet. Instead, we can take advantage of the sealing characteristics of the shoe cabinet to put soap into the shoe cabinet to accumulate fragrance. This is a very simple and direct deodorizing method.

2. Cat litter

One of the functions of the original design of cat litter is to absorb the smell of pet excrement, so you might as well use it to absorb the odour in the shoe cabinet. Put the cat litter into the silk stockings and tie it, then put it in the shoe or shoe cabinet, and fill it as much as possible to absorb the smell of the shoe. However, it is recommended not to use charcoal cat litter, because it will become lumps and it’s difficult to be cleaned after absorbing the moisture.

3. Mothballs

Mothballs are also a traditional method of deodorization. They are usually placed in the wardrobe to prevent pests and mildew in the clothes. They also have a strong smell. They are placed in the shoe cabinet like soap to drive away from the smell of shoes. However, keep in mind that mothballs are not suitable for families with children and pregnant women, because the drug’s properties will affect the health of children and pregnant women.

4. Delay the time when shoes are put in the cabinet

In fact, shoes accumulate odour because they are placed in a closed space before the sweat is dissipated, so just put the shoes that are full of sweat all day and put them in a ventilated place for one night to let the sweat evaporate. Then, put it in the shoe cabinet and you can reduce the chance of mouldy shoes, and the shoe cabinet will naturally not have a peculiar smell so easily.

Interior Design: Third Paragraph Interior

Shoe cabinet design

Everything starts from the root. The degree of ventilation of the shoe cabinet actually greatly affects whether the shoe cabinet will accumulate odours. Therefore, when purchasing or customizing shoe cabinets, choose Venetian blinds or even shoe cabinets without doors for air circulation. In addition, the partition design also tries to use thin and long partitions and increase the space occupied by the shoe cabinet, so that each layer does not accumulate too many pairs of shoes, which helps ventilation and dispels odours.

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