How to Create a Classic Hamptons Style Home

  • May 27, 2021

Originating from the luxury beach houses at Long Island, New York, the Hamptons style has evolved over the years. But quintessentially, they evoke a carefree, coastal vibe with an understated luxury. Homes following the Hamptons style feature a layout made for entertaining and evoke a holiday feel that brings to mind relaxing resort vacations. Looking to get on board this style? Here’s how to recreate this look in your own home. (Warning: You will develop some serious envy for the following interior inspiration. And yes, they are all in Singapore.)

Colour Palette

Design: Styledbypt You will never go wrong by starting off with a white base. A crisp and neutral white (not too cold or warm) is a safe bet, but creams would do well for a more sophisticated vibe. Accents include coastal-inspired ones like yellows (sand), navy and soft blues and greens like teal. If you want things to look more modern, greys tend to feature predominantly in this style as well. Striking black trimmings also help to create a more contemporary scene, while pinks (coral, blush) are a recent addition to the Hamptons style. Design: Third Avenue Studio


Design: Icon Interior Design When it comes to flooring, wood is archetypical. But since real wood doesn’t hold up too well in our hot and humid climate, go with wood-like tiles or vinyl. Light oak tones lend an airy and breezy vibe to your space, especially when paired with a crisp white palette, but rich medium-toned woods are best for evoking a sense of luxury. Design: Make Room Hamptons style also favour the use of natural materials. Think linen, rattan and jute. To nail the plush look, don’t forget to include marble—the real deal, because the lookalikes just don’t cut it. If price or maintenance is a concern, use marble in smaller accents. A little bit goes a long way. In the kitchen and bathroom, subway tiles are a common sight if you’re going for the Hamptons style. Go with ones in glossy white and lay them out in a classic running bond pattern.

Design Elements

Design: Schemacraft Interiors Hamptons style homes are fresh, breezy and bathed with natural light, so make sure there is nothing obstructing your windows. Ceiling fans will also help with the ventilation. Open floor plans with its absence of concrete walls facilitate hosting and entertaining, while minimal separation between the indoor and the outdoors (for those with a balcony or patio area) further enhance the Hamptons style as a haven for gathering and mingling. In terms of layouts, consider a large dining area, a kitchen with a generous-sized multipurpose island or a living room that focuses on conversations rather than the television. Design: House of Chais For extra layering and to add visual depth to your spaces, use wall panels or wainscoting. These are classic and timeless elements, and will elevate the sense of sophistication to your Hamptons style home. Design: The Scientist In the kitchen, shaker-style cabinets with extra detailing are typical of Hamptons style interiors rather than flat fronts. Go with more traditional style taps and hardware e.g. handles or knobs to suit this look. When it comes to lighting, weave in classic lantern-style pendants over dining tables or kitchen islands. In the living room, rope, beaded or shell chandeliers will pay homage to the style’s nautical origins. Traditional wall sconces will also do well in areas that need indirect lighting or some atmosphere. Design: Styledbypt

Furniture and Furnishings

Design: Styledbypt Avoid anything overly trendy when furniture shopping, and stick to the classics and timeless styles. Think about what works in a beach resort. You'll want plush sofas that come in a relaxed silhouette and washable fabrics, reclaimed wood dining sets and upholstered or wooden bed frames. Design: 19EightyThree X Bowerman Include furniture pieces that help to entertain: extra seating options like ottomans, poufs and armchairs, bar trolleys, and tray or side tables that can be moved about. For window treatments, translucent, day curtains offer a light and airy feel. But if you’re not a curtain person, roman shades or bamboo blinds also offer a laidback tone. For something less common, window shutters with louvres are the epitome of beach living. Design: DistinctIdentity

Where to Shop?

Design: House of Chais Best places in Singapore to get Hamptons style furniture and furnishings:

Bonus décor tips

Design: Styledbypt You want a comfy, lived-in appearance in your Hamptons style home so accessories, décor and styling are key. Use soft furnishings like cushions, throws and rugs generously. Include classic patterns like stripes, gingham and Chinoiserie for interest. While Hamptons style homes do have a coastal origin, you don’t want to focus too much on nautical-inspired accessories (although a couple of shells and corals wouldn’t hurt!), as they can look tacky rather than timeless. Pay homage to the seaside in subtler ways, through the use of colours or beach-inspired materials and textures. Design: Styledbypt Greenery is a staple in Hamptons style homes as they can also help bring in the sense of outdoors. Go with ones with generous-sized leaves and those that can make a big impact. Palms and bird of paradise are fab choices. Other decorating items to consider for your Hamptons style home include table lamps, ginger jars, faux florals in glass vases, and ornate framed mirrors. Is this timeless beach-inspired Hamptons style for you? What other interior design themes are you considering? Let us know in the comments.  
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