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Choosing Art Pieces for Your New Home

Choosing art pieces for your newly-renovated home is not actually as easy as it seems. There are a lot of factors to consider. You have to understand each art piece and what it portrays when it is being displayed in a specific nook or cranny.

For you to make the most out of your home, you need the perfect art piece – and the perfect eye. You need an art consultant. Art consultants look at the client’s lifestyle and tastes. Ideally, clients sort through the gallery to point out which artwork they prefer. The art consultant then visits the client’s newly-renovated home and takes into consideration the decorations and interior design. It is only after the house viewing that an art consultant can put across a proposal for the client.

If your newly-renovated home has a theme, then usually, the art consultant will choose art pieces that complement that theme. Classic, no-frill themes are often complemented with realistic artwork. Modern, minimalist homes look best with impressionist or abstract art pieces. However, oriental themed homes look best with simple oriental pieces that are neither too dominant nor too ignorable. Paintings are often the art pieces of choice for most homes. Monochromatic and subdued homes work best with bright paintings as they easily perk up the home. Meanwhile, brightly coloured homes should go for toned-down, neutral-hued wall paintings.

It is recommended for you to choose an art consultant and a gallery that has a good reputation for being customer-oriented. Some galleries might push and shove the most expensive art piece even if it is not the most befitting one. However, there are also quite a few art galleries who really put customers’ needs first.

If you are going a step beyond merely adding paintings to enhance your newly-renovated home to being an art collector, then you better do research on the prices of usual art pieces. Amateur collectors are advised to start off with just a $500 to $1,000 budget for a piece of art work.

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