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Choosing a Vacuum Cleaner That Suits Your Home

Doing some shopping for your new home and racking your brains over which vacuum cleaner would suit you? Have a faulty vacuum cleaner and are distressed about getting a new one? The plethora of options in the market is not making things any easier for you, is it? As we all know, there are many different types of vacuum cleaners and even more combinations. There are also multiple factors to consider such as the type or design of your home, frequency of cleaning, etc. With all these in mind, we have made a generic comparison for your reference and several recommendations.


Lifestyle Type Suitable Vacuum Cleaner
Family with kids Bagless, Cordless
Family with elderly Bagged
Family with pets Bagless, Cordless
Family with housewife / husband or maids / cleaners Canister/Cylinder, Wet and Dry
Yuppies / Busy families Robotic
Car owners Handheld


Variety Aztech BOSCH Dyson Electrolux LG SAMSUNG
Canister/ Cylinder
Wet and Dry


1. Bagless

-Save money on vacuum bags
-As dirt chamber gets full, vacuum does not lose suction
-Can actually see how much dirt your vacuum is picking up
*Suitable for families with kids/pets because there would be more frequent messes that have to be cleaned up effectively


We recommend: BOSCH’s BGS5SIL2GB GS-50 ProSilence 66 ($699)


Key features:

-Unique SensorBagless™ Technology: incredibly quiet and powerful with minimal maintenance required
-QuattroPower System: Bosch’s performance technology for outstanding cleaning results with low energy consumption
-Integrated RotationClean System: no contact with dust during the filter cleaning process
-Washable HEPA hygienic filter: suitable for allergy sufferers – no follow up costs. Reaches dust re-emission class A.


2. Bagged

-No mess when emptying dirt
-Filtration is typically better
*Suitable for families with elderly because better filtration means better air quality and a cleaner environment for them

We recommend: Electrolux’s ZEQ6530


Key features:

-Dust bag full indicator
-Equipped with new performance nozzle developed for efficient and deep cleaning
-Onboard accessories for all needs of weekly cleaning directly on the cleaner


3. Cordless

-Designed for portability and minor stain vacuuming
-Great for cleaning clefts in couches and chairs
*Suitable for families with kids/pets because you wouldn’t have to worry about your children or pets tripping over wires and whatnot

We recommend: Dyson’s V6 Fluffy



Key features:

-Filtration removes 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, such as allergens or smoke
-Tough on dust and dirt: newly configured moorhead tackles dust and dirt on any surface
-Light, versatile, and easy to store
-Energy Star Rating: The machine’s battery charger has qualified for the Energy Star rating due to its energy efficiency


4. Canister / Cylinder

-Relatively quieter cleaning experience
-Usually offer a nice variety of tools that work well in varied areas of the home
-Especially effective on hard surfaces and prevent dirt scattering
-Great option for cleaning stairs and hard-to-reach areas
*Suitable for families with housewife/husband or maids/cleaners because it is good for intense and effective cleaning

We recommend: SAMSUNG’s SC5250 Canister VC with Dustbag, 1800 W




Key features:

-Compact and light with high suction power of 410W
-Variable power control
-HEPA H11 Filter


5. Handheld

-Easy to use
-Great for quick cleanups
-Can go anywhere
-Can clean many things a larger vacuum can’t
-Easy to maintain
-Many affordable options
*Suitable for car owners since a full-sized vacuum cleaner would not be a feasible option

We recommend: LG’s Bedding Cleaner


Key features:

-Dual Punch™ vibrates the surface 8,000 times per minute. This helps effectively remove even the most stubborn of dust mites.
-UV Sterilisation Station ensures both the hygiene of consumer’s bedding and of the cleaner itself
-Dual HEPA filter includes a multi-filtration system that removes dust, odour, and germs
-Ergonomic design


6. Robotic

-Saves time
-Ideal for people with mobility issues
-Advanced features
-Minimal maintenance
-Able to go under furniture and around corners
*Suitable for young couples or families that don’t have time for much cleaning

We recommend: Aztech’s Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner VC3000



Key features:

-Cleans and sterilises most floor types (Wooden, Carpet, Ceramic, and Marble)
-Automatic Suction Power and Height Adjustment
-Automatic Cleaning and Charging
-Two-way UV Sterilisation
-3D Filter + HEPA
-Two-way Virtual Wall
-Dark Area Cleaning Mode
-Scheduled Cleaning
-Drop Sensor
-Mute Mode


7. Wet and Dry

*Suitable for families with housewife/husband or maids/cleaners because it can be used for more high-duty cleaning and can potentially ease workload at the same time

We recommend: Electrolux’s Z931 Flexio II


Key features:

-Effective filtration ensures dust remains trapped
-All-Purpose Vacuum Machine
-Large drum capacity ensures stronger suction power
-Large dust bag removes need for frequent replacing
-Ergonomically designed wheels provide superb stability

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