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8 Cheapo Tips To Make Your Home Look Atas

Many of us aspire to have a home that looks like a luxury hotel or part of a spread in a design magazine. But you’re probably wondering if it’s even possible to create a five-star home without having to throw your entire life savings into the renovation of your apartment.

Of course it is! In fact, here are 8 easy tips to help you along – all without having to shell out too much cash.


TIP #1: Cohesion is key

You know how those luxury homes always look put together? That’s because they are coordinated, whether in furniture choice, detailing, theme or colour scheme. A harmonised design means that everything makes sense with one another in that space.

Design: Linear Space Concepts

Bonus tip: Keep in mind that cohesion does not equal sameness e.g. using different shades of one colour can create elegance and depth in a room without being boring.

TIP #2: The answer lies in art

Art is an easy way to bring colour and pattern to your vertical spaces. Think again if you think they’re an expensive investment. Check out Art Loft or The Artling, which has pieces going for less than $300.

Rather than go for a gallery wall, which is suited for homier settings and can look cluttered, settle for an oversized artwork to create a sense of awe.

Design: ICIA

Bonus tip: Instead of hanging it up, you can always have the artwork lean casually against the wall for a look that says hipster chic.


TIP #3: Embrace neutrals

Design: ID Emboss

Hotels tend to work around a safe neutral palette, and that’s because they’ll have to accommodate a wide range of tastes. So if you want your home to look just like a five-star hotel, all you have to do is emulate their colour scheme!

Work around a palette that includes tones such as white, grey and black. There are plenty of affordable accessories out there in these hues, so you will have no problem putting together a neutral scheme.

Design: Free Space Intent

Bonus tip: Throw in wood, which also acts a neutral tone, for a bit of warmth. If you’re feeling slightly adventurous, there’s always the more ‘fun’ neutrals like beige, blush or navy blue.


TIP #4: Have an accent

Design: Poetus

Paint is cheap. If you’re looking to up the ante on your home decor, do so with a painted accent wall. A dark shade or a jewel tone is always a popular choice – it adds instant pizzazz and sophistication.

Bonus tip: Warm hues draw the eye in, making a space seem cosier, while cool tones help to visually expand the room as they pull the wall away from the eye.

Pick your poison:

All paint colours by Dulux


TIP #5: Accessorise with soft furnishings

Soft furnishings like plush rugs and comfortable cushions are a good way to soften the hard edges in a room, but they can create a luxe and opulent feel when you layer them right.

Design: Poetus

If you want to add dimension with textured soft touches, the trick is to keep the textured ones to a couple of pieces as focal points so as to avoid clutter. Pair printed soft furnishings with muted, plain ones for visual breathing space.

Bonus tip: Opt for a faux fur rug or a velvet cushion if you want to take things up a notch in the luxury apartment.

Decorate with these super affordable soft touches:


TIP #6: Bring a little sparkle

Mixing up metals isn’t a new trend, but it’s a simple way to make your home appear more glamorous thanks to their lustrous qualities. Besides using different sorts of metals, incorporate different finishes for greater interest. Use antique brass accents alongside more polished surfaces like chrome for a design that is more than one-dimensional.

Design: The Scientist

Bonus tip: Don’t restrict yourself when it comes to incorporating metals. They can appear anywhere in the home, from sanitary and light fixtures to home accessories and flooring.



TIP #7: Fake it with look-alikes

Design: Museworks

When it comes to the surfaces in your homes, if you can’t afford the good stuff e.g. natural materials like marble, granite and real wood to atasify your home, there are cheaper alternatives out there that look just like the real thing.

Presenting the doppelgangers:

These man-made surface materials cost a fraction of the price while still giving you the opulent look you’re trying to achieve. Plus, they don’t have the high maintenance commonly associated with natural materials.


TIP #8: Mirrors are your best friends

Oversized mirrors are an obvious way to make your home look like a million bucks. But smaller frames work too. For a lavish feel, choose frames that are ornate.

Design: Metaphor Studio

Mirrors reflect, which means they can help to echo your luxurious-looking pieces in the room too, so you get twice the lavishness without having to spend an extra cent!

Design: Metaphor Studio

If you don’t like standalone mirrors, go for full-length mirror panels which can heighten the vertical sense of space in your home. Anything full-length is always a good way to create an expensive impression.

Bonus tip: Bronze-tinted mirror panels are less stark than clear glass ones. They are useful for creating a warm, comforting milieu and are particularly great for bedrooms.


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