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Can You Create a Clock as Pretty as This?


What You Need:
Can be purchased from Angie’s
Wooden Circle/Clockface Diameter 20cm @ $10.00
Super Glue for Decoupage @$21.00 for 230ml
White Acrylic Paint @ $8.00 for 80ml
Acrylic Varnish @ $8.00 for 80ml
1 Squeegee/Scraper @ $10.00 to remove any crease from napkins
1 piece of ‘Wild Rose’ Napkin @ $1.20 per piece

Can be purchased from Artfriend
Aqua Acrylic Paint Folkart Brand @$3.00 for 60ml
Black Acrylic Paint Folkart Brand @$3.00 for 60ml
Texture Paste (Price Unknown)

Time Required
5-6 hrs



Step 1
Use a compass to draw a smaller circle than the clock face.

Step 2
Draw a similar circle with the same radius as the one drawn on the clock face onto the napkin/image chosen.



Step 3
Cut out the circular image using a sharp pair of scissors.



Step 4
On the clock face, using white acrylic paint, paint the smaller circle that was drawn out in Step 1. Paint 2-3 layers drying in between with a hairdryer until the circle is opaque.

Step 5
Paint the remaining clock face (the outer ring) with a mixture of black and aqua acrylic paint.

Step 6
Remove 2 layers of napkin from the cut out circle/image, leaving only the topmost layer with the image.



Step 7
Apply Super Glue for Decoupage only on the white painted circle and blow dry with a hairdryer. Stick the topmost layer of the cut out circle/image onto the white circle on the clock face and use a squeegee to remove all creases.



Step 8
Sponge the image with a moist sponge and dry with a hairdryer.

Step 9
Using a small piece of rolled up sandpaper, sand away the excess napkin in the centre of the clock face (the small circle) meant for the clock hands.

Step 10
Using a piece of 100g black paper, cut out the numbers 3, 6, 9, 12.



Step 11
Apply Glue 2 for Decoupage on the underside of the numbers and stick them onto the clock one by one using a squeegee to remove all creases. Dry with a hairdryer.



Step 12 (3d Stencil on outer dark green ring)
Using masking tape, tape out the sections that are not wanted on the stencil. Then place the stencil on the outer dark green ring and spread some texture paste over the sections that are desired. Lift the stencil up slowly. Repeat this step slowly until the whole outer ring is covered with the desired designs, making sure to wash and dry the stencil in between every application.



Step 13
Varnish the whole clock with acrylic varnish (3 coats) drying in between each coat with a hairdryer.

Step 14
Stick some blings and half pearls on the outer diameter of the inner ring.



Before & After

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