Can You Believe These Interiors Cost Less Than $50,000 To Renovate?

  • Sep 12, 2016

Home renovation is an exciting process that is worth looking forward to. Sure, it means a whole lot of planning and work but I believe most homeowners would unanimously raise their thumbs and agree that the end result renders all the effort worthwhile. As we all know, the final outcome depends on many factors including homeowners’ choices, the ability to communicate properly with the selected interior designer, the physical structure of a house, so on and so forth. A lot of teamwork is involved in producing a gorgeous interior. Just so you have an idea, here’s what you should be able to achieve with a budget below $50,000.

*Disclaimer: Costs and values were sourced from the respective interior design firms and might not be inclusive of certain fixtures and fittings.

Our first candidate looks like it has been ripped right out of a design magazine or catalogue, boasting an attractive mix of monochromatic and bright colours. It’s very easy on the eyes and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s surprised at how much of a steal it is.

Interior Designer: LU+C Studio Location: Loft @ Stevens Cost: $15,000







The biggest reason why this house stands out with great panache is because of the consistent mishmash of black and white throughout the entire space.

Interior Designer: KDOT Associates Location: 269 Punggol Field Cost: $28,000





A cosy-looking abode that radiates charm and elegance is the result of a beautiful colour scheme and matching furniture.

Interior Designer: Space Concepts Design Location: 3 The Pearl Condo Cost: $30,000






The balmy lighting and yellowish hues mix pretty well with the choice of palettes and textures in this interior, enveloping it in a sort of warmth and cosiness. I get fuzzy feelings just looking at it. Don’t you?

Interior Designer: Hue Concept Location: Anchorvale Cost: $30,000






After a long and tiring day at work, this is a place I would love to come home too. On top of being spacious and roomy, the interesting bedroom design fascinates me. With a ton of space to walk about and an isle between the towering wardrobes, you can parade along the furry rug and take the chance to practice your catwalk while decked in your finest. Sounds like an amusing idea, huh?

Interior Designer: AC Vision Design Location: 505B Yishun St 51 Cost: $35,000






Thanks to the decent leverage of space (as evident from the huge couch sitting in the living room and huge window panels that reveal a rather hearty view), this interior flaunts the typical chicness of a condominium.

Interior Designer: Urban Habitat Design Location: Clementi Cost: $45,000






Industrial meets Scandinavian meets Minimalism in this house that captivates the eyes. Its uncomplicated structure and air of austerity makes it very aesthetically pleasing.

Interior Designer: The Orange Cube Location: Yishun Cost: $49,000

Are you curious about the progress of a certain BTO? Anxious to find out what yours looks like right now? You can try to locate yours in this list.

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