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Call in the Rain Shower

Most people wouldn’t mind having a rain shower, but as any homeowner will attest, the water heater is a decision that takes some serious consideration. Do you go with storage heaters or instant ones? How many litres should you choose? What brands are reliable? And for that matter, is the retailer you’re getting the water heater from trustworthy?

With this in mind, one of our colleagues decided to go for Rinnai because it’s a familiar name that is backed by nearly 100 years in the business. But what about its installation procedures and product usage? Here’s what our colleague experienced.


Product: Rinnai Ore Series Shower Heater (Electric Instant Water Heater)


The Installation:

A week and a day before the installation, Johnny the installer uncle, called to remind me of the appointment that was scheduled to take place between 10am and 12pm. I was quite impressed because he actually went out of his way to make sure I remembered the appointment.

On the day of the installation, Johnny reached my home at around 10:45am. I had informed him earlier that we had an existing shower heater in the master bedroom, so it was nice to see him arriving early to remove the old heater. I had to work that day so I can’t wait around for too long either!

To be honest, it was actually a good time to change my shower heater because it had heating problems. Although the thermostat was kept at the minimum, the water felt like a whooping 70 degree Celsius! I think I might have damaged it while washing the toilet because I’m quite particular about the cleanliness. Even the higher parts of the toilet walls are not spared so I might have accidentally splashed water on the wiring cable. That’s pretty dangerous if you think about the recent unfortunate incidents involving water heaters. >.<




During the dismantling of my old heater, Johnny told me that it was supposed to have a part called “Flow Switch” to allow dirty water to pass through. To my surprise, he said that the previous installer might have appropriated took it for his own “inventory”. Johnny also emphasised that all plumbers working for their respective retailers should be aware of the different product parts and standards of installing so there is no excuse to “miss out” on such an important part.

Johnny’s age was also a concern for me as he took some time dismantling the old shower heater, but he did it very professionally and efficiently so I’m glad I was proven wrong. Gladly, at 11:20am, Johnny’s assistant Myo, arrived with the drilling equipment and the brand new Rinnai Ore Series shower heater. Like his fellow installer, Myo was a meticulous person who made sure that the electricity was off before handling the wires.






Since I stand at about 182m, the placement of the shower heater was quite important for me as I tend to have big movements while bathing—which means I tend to frequently splash water on the shower heater. I had 2 factors to consider: height and the existing drilled holes that were left on the wall from the previous heater. I wish I could reuse of all the old holes but due to the different sizes of my new and old heaters, I ultimately ended up with 2 holes on the wall that were left uncovered. I guess I will have to get it covered with cement or something. Johnny said that it’s fairly common for HDB homeowners to purchase rain showers for their homes, but his advice is to buy those that come with more insulators than metal parts if possible.

There is also a built-in pump that ensures the water pressure for my rain shower is sufficient. For those who feel that the temperature is too low, they can also adjust the white knob filter for even hotter water. For me, the adjusting of the main knob will suffice. As Johnny explained, there are 2 levels of temperature adjustment.



After the installation has been completed, Johnny gave a brief introduction on how to “bathe”. LOL. My installers left around 12pm, which was timely according to the schedule.


The Experience:

On the first try, the hand shower felt a tad heavier than my previous one. In fact, the hose felt a little stiff as I moved it around to shower my body from head to toe. I guess it’s because it’s made from plastic. It won’t cause any showering issues, but will add an additional level of safety to this product.

Changing from the shower head to the rain shower was easy as well; just a turn of the silver knob and it’ll change between the two or a combo of the two shower heads with ease.





I like that I don’t have to wait for the water heater to heat up my water. From the time I turn on the tap, the hot water kicks in within 3 seconds. The same thing happened when I change my shower head to the rain shower as well. Another nifty function that I really love is the 5 different types of spray functions that come with the shower head. They are fairly common in other brands so it’s good that Rinnai has included such features in the product.






I also like the beautiful design of the Ore Series. Its sleek curves and LED light indicators make it easy for me to know certain things. For example, the +/- signs light up when I turn on the tap. This indicates that the tap is not tightly turned off.





Final Thoughts:

I can’t stop saying this, but the fact that the product comes with a dual shower function is a major plus for me. Having both the rain and hand shower allow me to get a thorough wash while relaxing under the therapeutic sensation of a rain shower. The installation was relatively problem-free as well, because my installers were very professional in everything they do.


Available in 3 stunning colours (Piano Black, Moonlight White and Metallic Silver), the Rinnai Ore Series with Rain Shower is one brand that doesn’t compromise on functionality or design. If you’re looking for something that looks and works well at an awesome price, then do check it out at retail outlets such as Courts and Harvey Norman!

Price: $360

Where to buy:

  • Asia Excel
  • Bacera
  • Chuan Heng
  • Foong Loong
  • Hua Chong
  • Hupffari Changi (HQ)
  • Hong Hwa Hardware
  • Inter Bath And Kitchen
  • Kian Sheng
  • Kim Kong
  • Kah Hock
  • Lucky Khoon
  • Lookz
  • Living Phenomenon
  • Maximum Credit
  • Moonzent
  • M-Flow
  • My Showroom
  • Poh Seng
  • Summer
  • Saniquo Pte Ltd
  • Tiong Yeong Hardware
  • Tapz Boutique
  • Universal Union
  • U-Home
  • Viva Nueva / Nueva Empire
  • Yuan Soon

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