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Buying the Appropriate Hood and Hob

Cooker hoods and hobs are the most important elements of a kitchen. This is especially so for families that enjoy cooking. It is therefore crucial to invest in a good set that not only suits your lifestyle habits but lasts as well. There are many different types of hoods and hobs in the market these days, with many features amalgamated. Unsure of what you should choose? Here are some of our recommendations.



Table 1: Hoods to consider based on cooking habits

Cooking Habits Suitable Hood



Varying, irregular

Slide-out / Retractable

If you do frequent cooking on a relatively large scale (i.e. you have a big hob)


If you enjoy convenience and space while cooking (i.e. if you have a kitchen island)



1. Slimline

-For people who want to keep things simple
-Not very visible once installed
-Good for overall aesthetics

We recommend: TECNO’s Slimline Hood with Round Profile (S$298)


Key features:

-Twin motors
-Air suction up to 550m3/h
-3-speed mechanical control
-3-Ply aluminium filters for efficient removal of cooking grease
-Cassette charcoal filters for removal of odours
-Available in 90cm and 60cm


We recommend: Turbo Italia‘s Slimline Cooker Hood TSL-90 (S$448)

Key features:

-Built-in lamp
-2 x 40W incandescent lamp
-Indicator light
-3-speed control
-Wattage: 520W
-Cooker hood motor size: 2x 220W
-Bi-rotational motor


2. Slide-out / Retractable

-For people whose cooking needs vary from time to time
-Extends over entire cooking area when needed
-Can retreat when not in use to save space

We recommend: Bosch’s 60cm Stainless Steel Slimline Hood ($499)

Key features:

-Hides into your cabinet for a sleek kitchen front
-Extraction rate of 420m3/h to ensure optimal kitchen air quality
-Halogen lighting for optimal, energy-efficient illumination of your hob


We recommend: Turbo Italia‘s Turbo Incanto TL500E-90BK (S$448)

Key features:

Built-in lamp
-2x 28W incandescent lamp
-3-speed push button control
-Wattage: 226W
-Cooker hood motor size: 170W
-Carbon filter


3. Chimney

-For households with big hobs
-Large and efficient enough for heavy usage

We recommend: Turbo Italia‘s INCANTO TAE91-SS (S$728)

Key features:

-2 x 1.5w LED bulb
-3 speeds with booster function
-Wattage: 323w
-Cooker hood motor size: 320w
-3 pieces aluminium metal filter
-Noise level: 74dBA
-Stainless steel body
-Black glass LCD Touch control panel
-Minimum distance above cooking area: 650mm


We recommend: SIEMENSiQ700 Chimney hood (Inclined glass common design – black)

Key features:

-730m3/h extraction rate supplies clean air when cooking
-Energy-saving LED lighting ensures optimal visibility when cooking
-Intensive setting temporarily increases extraction rate when kitchen vapour is especially intense, with automatic revert after 6 minutes
-Extremely quiet at a mere 44 dB


4. Island

-For kitchens with island concepts
-Becomes highlight of kitchen
-Adds a touch of professional glamour to kitchen
-Needs to be attached directly to ceiling so plenty of space in the kitchen is needed to accommodate it

We recommend: TECNO’s Island Hood ($1,788)


Key features:

-Strong suction power up to 900m3/h
-4-speed electronic sensor touch control
-3-Layer washable aluminium filters for efficient removal of grease
-Charcoal cassette filters for effective removal of odours
-Fully sealed aluminium motor
-4 x Halogen Lamps
-Teflon-coated blades


5. Canopy

-Can be mounted on the wall or above a kitchen island

We recommend: Bosch’s 73cm Silver Metallic Canopy hood

Key features:

-Extraction rate of 630m3/h to ensure optimal kitchen air quality
-Halogen lighting for optimal, energy-efficient illumination of your hob
-Intensive speed setting that removes strong kitchen odours quickly and effectively



Table 2: Hobs to consider based on cooking habits

Cooking Habits Suitable Hob




Electric plate

Frequent, elderly cook most of the time


Frequent, heavy usage Gas

Youths, people who want a sleeker appearance

Gas on glass


1. Induction

-For people who don’t cook that often
-Cheaper to run because they only use the precise amount of energy needed
-Creates a magnetic field between the induction element in the hob and the pan
-Heats only the pan, hence more efficient
-Quicker than other types of hobs
*Check that your pots and pans work on an induction hob, or invest in a new set

We recommend: Bosch’s 76cm Induction Ceramic Hob

Key features:

-Innovative induction technology makes cooking faster, cleaner, and safer.
-By using the electric power supply instead of gas, induction cooking will reduce exhaust emission and make your kitchen a more safe and healthy place for you and your family.
-The high-end ceramic glass top sheet not only brings the slim design to your cooktop, but also gives you a revolutionary easy-to-clean surface.
-Full touch control user interface with 17 power levels for precise control and additional power boost function for each cooking zone


2. Electric plate

-For people who don’t want to spend too much on cooking
-Traditional option
-Lower end of the price range
-Rarely used these days

We recommend (something similar): TECNO’s 60cm 4 Burner Hob


Key features:

-Matt enamel coated steel pan support
-Matt enamel coated burner caps
-Instant ignition safety valves
-Matt steel look knobs
-Battery operated ignition
-Premium grade SU304 stainless steel


3. Ceramic

-Suitable for households in which elderly are the ones preparing most of the meals
-Smooth, easy-to-clean surface
-Easy to use
-Heats up quickly

We recommend: SIEMENSiQ300 90cm, Ceramic hob


Key features:

-touchSlider control helps control the temperature by entering it directly or by moving the slider with a single finger
-Space for large pots and roasting pans thanks to the 18cm and 28cm two-ring cooking zones and extendable roasting zone
-The child safety lock safely prevents unintentional switch-on
-The timer with switch-off function safely shuts off the cooking zone when the selected cooking time expires


4. Gas

-Good for people who cook often
-Easy to control
-Gives instant  heat
-Tends to distribute heat well across the base of a pan

We recommend: Miele’s KM 3014 Gas hob (S$3,350)


Key features:

-Simple controls — single-handed operation via rotary dial control
-Elegant design
-Particularly versatile
-Extremely safe — GasStop function
-Easy cleaning — dishwasher-safe


5. Gas on glass

-For people who want a chic option
-Has gas burners mounted on top of ceramic glass
-Looks more stylish than other gas hobs
-Easier to clean
-Doesn’t heat up as quickly as electric ceramic models
-More precise and easier to control

We recommend: Bosch’s 92cm Black Tempered Glass Gas Hob

Key features:

-Flame wheel wok burner and 4.5kW for excellent cooking, especially for Asian-style food.
-Large knob rotation angle for enhanced flame control
-Practical high-end pan support system provides optimal support for various pans/woks
-Enhanced safety gas valve is a system that will cut off the gas automatically when the flame unexpectedly goes out

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