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BTO site analysis for Clementi NorthArc – which unit is best?

During the Feb 2017 BTO sales launch, Clementi NorthArc was one of two developments in Clementi Town offered for sale (the other being Clementi Peaks). This project is one of the bigger ones during that particular launch, with a total of 1179 units available for sale. According to HDB, facilities offered under the project will include a supermarket, an eating house, a variety of shops, roof gardens and a childcare centre.

Estimated T.O.P.: June 2022
Sales Launch: Feb 2017
Location: Bounded by Clementi Ave 6 and Commonwealth Ave West
No. of blocks: 6
Total units: 1179
Types of units: 3-, 4-, 5-room and 3G flats
Highest floor: 40

Our team visited the site on a weekend afternoon. Here are some photos of the site:

Here’s an overview of the project site, based on the site plan. Click the image to enlarge:

Clementi NorthArc is bounded by Clementi Avenue 6 and Commonwealth Avenue West. The development is also located next to the park connector along Sungei Ulu Pandan. It is fronted by the Clementi Fire Station, Chinese temple Buddhist Mission, a main road that leads into a main expressway (PIE) as well as existing HDB blocks. The development is shaped like an arc which gave rise to its name. Google Maps posits the development as having an approximately 15-min walking distance (4 minutes if you’re driving) from Clementi MRT station.

From the site visit, we noted that beyond the park connector, there were industrial buildings. This view of industrial activity may be seen from units that are facing the park connector and are located on the higher floors.

The development was also surrounded by a lot of residential flats in close proximity with one another.

We’ll be further analysing this BTO development based on the following attributes:

  1. Non-west facing i.e. no western sun
  2. Unblocked view
  3. Home privacy
  4. Noise levels from being near activity zones
  5. Traffic sounds


 These units are the ones with the least possibility of having the western sun.

Blk 211A: Stack 285*, 281*, 279*
Blk 210C: Stack 259, 255^
Blk 210B: Stack 247, 245#, 239#, 241
Blk 209B: Stack 231#%!, 229#%!
Blk 209A: Stack 219#!
Blk 210A: Stack 211, 205, 207^

*These stacks face the Chinese temple opposite the development directly.
^These stacks are located near gathering spots and activity zones such as the adult fitness station, children’s playground and the elderly fitness station.
#These stacks are near the lifts. Avoid if you wish to be away from the noise generated from human traffic.
%These stacks are located near the future supermarket and shophouses, which tend to be a bit noisy.
!Avoid these stacks if you don’t wish to be near the main road.

Here are some ways to counteract the effects of the heat and to keep your home cool.

Design: Akihaus

  1. Use thick and light-coloured curtains and drapes. These will help to block the rays from entering your home and reflect out the rays at the same time. If you’re not a fan of soft furnishings, opt for window blinds. And keep them closed during the day.
  2. Use window films that block off the rays, like 3M’s Prestige Window Films that keep out 60% of heat coming through your windows.
  3. Plant easy-to-maintain greenery around your home. Plants help to absorb heat while releasing oxygen into the air.
  4. Keep your home well ventilated. Use a ceiling fan to circulate the air in your space. Keep windows open at night. Have the doors to your rooms open, allowing air to flow freely throughout the home.


For homeowners who value their privacy, these units are your best bet as there is little chance of people walking past the corridor and seeing the inside of your home.

Blk 211A: Stack 291, 289
Blk 210C: Stack 263^, 261, 273#^
Blk 210B: Stack 251, 249, 241

#This stack is near the lifts. Avoid if you wish to be away from the noise generated from human traffic. Also, this stack is located relatively near the main road.
^These stacks are located near gathering spots and activity zones such as the adult fitness station, children’s playground and the elderly fitness station.


In this instance, note that every stack has a high possibility of facing the western sun except Stack 41.

These units have relatively unblocked views (not facing directly into neighbouring blocks or developments).

Blk 211A: Stack 291, 293, 295, 297, 275^, 277^, 279
Blk 210C: Stack 263^, 265, 269

^These stacks are located near gathering spots and activity zones such as the adult fitness station, children’s playground and the elderly fitness station.


Avoid these units if you’re particular about noise levels. These are located near activity zones, including the children’s playground, fitness stations, shophouses, supermarket, the main road (Clementi Ave 6 which leads to the PIE) and nearby institutions.

Blk 211A
Stack 289, 287, 285 (facing the Chinese temple)
Stack 275 and 277 (near the playground and fitness station)

Blk 210C
Stack 263 (near the pavilion and fitness station)
Stack 257 and 255 (near the fitness stations)
Stack 273 (near the playground)

Blk 210B
Stack 237 (near the playground)
Stack 247, 245, 243 (near the fitness station)

Blk 209B
Stack 227, 229, 233, 231 (near the supermarket and shophouses)

Blk 209A
Stack 223, 225 (near the supermarket and shophouses)

Blk 210A
Stack 201, 203, 209, 207 (near the playground)


During our site visit on a weekend afternoon, we tested the noise levels from the fourth level of a neighbouring block that looks into the main road directly. We noticed that the traffic sounds were pretty loud. We’re sure the decibels will go higher during peak hours such as in the morning and the evening on weekdays as it’s an arterial road that leads into a major expressway. Take caution if you’re particular about traffic noises.

Also, important to note that there is an existing East-West MRT line beyond the Chinese temple. The sounds of the train can be faintly hear from where we stood, which is at the existing block 208.

Avoid these stacks if you are sensitive to traffic sounds.
Blk 210C: 271, 273
Blk 209B: 227, 229, 233, 231
Blk 209A: 223, 225, 221, 219

Avoid these stacks if you don’t wish to hear the sounds of oncoming trains every few minutes.
Blk 211A: 291, 293, 289, 287, 285


Here are some easy ways to block out noise from your home.

Design: Fuse Concept

  1. Soundproof curtains can help to absorb some of the outdoor noise and minimise them in your home. They are usually thicker than conventional curtains, and feature a sort of quilted fibreglass material that helps to absorb sound.
  2. If the windows are facing the noise source, consider installing double-glazed windows.
  3. If the walls are the one facing the noise source, you can block some noise off using furniture such as a feature wall, or even a tall bookshelf.

Even though there is no perfect stack, taking into consideration these different attributes can bring you closer to your perfect unit.

Disclaimer: Action taken in response to the information provided in this article is at the reader’s discretion. Site plans and maps are from HDB.


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