BTO Review and Site Tour for Plantation Acres at Tengah

  • Jan 12, 2024

In this new BTO Review series, we will be exploring the latest TOP-ed BTOs, starting with Plantation Acres at Tengah. This BTO was launched alongside Garden Vale (another Tengah project) during the May 2019 exercise and was one of the first few completed BTOs in Tengah.

We visited the site on a weekday morning and discovered that several sections were still closed or under construction. There were still enough areas available for us to explore though and provide you with a brief site tour of this BTO.

You can also see our original analysis when it first launched back in May 2019 here

Overview of Plantation Acres

Project name

Plantation Acres


Along Plantation Crescent

Total no. of units


No. of blocks


No. of storeys

7 to 14

Unit types

2-room Flexi, 3-, 4- and 5-room

This BTO, together with freshly TOP-ed Plantation Grange, has recently made headlines due to concerns voiced by early residents in Tengah regarding the lack of amenities. I can totally understand their frustration, but it’s not uncommon when you're among the first settlers in a brand-new town. I believe that patience will pay off because on paper, it does look like a pretty decent location, even though it will take some time to fully enjoy the benefits of the area.

Primary Schools Aplenty

Already, it’s a great location for families with younger children. There is a significant influx of primary schools planning to move to this area based on recent announcements by MOE. Currently, the only primary schools within a 1-km radius of Plantation Acres are Jurong Primary School and Princess Elizabeth Primary School.

However, in 2025, Pioneer Primary School will also be moving adjacent to Plantation Acres. By 2027, Bukit View Primary School will be located along Bukit Batok West Ave 5, falling within the same radius. And seems that the new site for Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) will also be within a 1-km radius for certain stacks. Another primary school will also be built along Tengah Garden Walk, although its name has not been revealed yet. This new addition will further expand the already wide range of primary schools available in this area.

Where Pioneer Primary School will be relocated to, just next to the BTO. 

Transportation Convenience and Amenities

Although Plantation Acres is currently not situated near any existing MRT stations, it will be conveniently located near Tengah Plantation MRT once it opens in 2028. The MRT station is just a short 5-minute walk away, making it easily accessible for residents. However, the wait for its opening may seem lengthy, with about 4 more years left before residents can enjoy this convenience.

Currently, there are bus services available at the nearest bus stop (located outside blk 111) that will take you to both Bukit Batok and Jurong Town Hall bus interchanges. If you prefer, you can also choose to take a short walk to the main road, Bukit Batok Road, which will take approximately 5-10 minutes. From there, you will have access to a wider range of bus services.

The nearest bus stop is located right outside blk 111A. Buses here take you to either Bukit Batok interchange or Jurong Town Hall interchange. 

In terms of amenities in the area, you will have to wait until the 4-storey neighbourhood centre (Plantation Plaza) and community centre located across the road from Plantation Acres at Plantation Village are up, estimated to be by the second quarter of 2024. The neighbourhood centre will house a supermarket, food court, F&B outlets, clinic, shops, and enrichment centres.

The community centre and neighbourhood centre are located right across the road from Plantation Acres. 

For now, there is a mobile grocery truck located within Plantation Acres that will be there until the neighbourhood centre is ready. Although it is not very big and doesn't offer a wide range of options, it will have to suffice for now. Additionally, for hot foods, vending machines are available at the BTO located at the void deck of blk 111A. 

The mobile grocery truck is stationed in Plantation Acres on Wednesdays and Fridays, from 3pm to 8pm. 

Some of the vending machines at blk 111A. There's even one that offers nasi lemak. 

If you're willing to walk for about 20 minutes, you can reach the closest 24-hour Sheng Siong supermarket, a coffee shop, and Le Quest shopping mall. At the mall, you'll find a food court, fast food restaurants, a pharmacy, bakery, and Fairprice Finest. The walk is quite substantial with traffic lights that take even longer so it’s not the most convenient option.

Le Quest shopping mall is approximately 20 min away from Plantation Acres by foot.

A Look at the Site Plan

We feel the spacing between the blocks and stacks is quite generous in general. We love how they are organised in a linear fashion, making it easy to navigate from one area to another without feeling lost in a maze.

There aren't many units that have a direct view into each other, which is great for maintaining privacy. However, it's important to be aware of the stacks that are facing each other and are less than 30 meters apart.

For drivers, there is only one car park in the area, but it’s a long one that stretches the length of the site with multiple entry points.

Six playgrounds on site are pretty substantial, which shows that this really is a family-oriented BTO. That’s not including the ones that may be built at the stretch of common green. There’s also a 2-storey childcare centre on site, located at the north-west of Plantation Acres.

We also like that the pavilion is located at the corner of the site, helping to minimise noise disturbance.

One potential drawback is that some of the stacks are facing the MRT tracks. We’ll take a look at the site photos below to see how close they appear.

Inside Plantation Acres

And here’s a quick site tour of the site!

The main entrance for vehicles. 

Sheltered walkways between blocks make it straightforward to get from one place to another. Blocks take on a dark-grey-burnt orange colour palette, similar to the ones in this area. 

One of the drop-off points at Plantation Acres. Notice how spacious it is! 

More generous communal spaces. 

Swing benches in common areas. Not something you usually see in BTOs. 

Sheltered linkway to the carpark. A lot of the common walkways come with a pitch roof design, which is quite nice. Landscaping not quite done. 

View of the roof garden atop the carpark. It will have a playground on it as well. It's yet to be completed, so we weren't able to access it during our visit. 

To the right of image is the 2-storey childcare centre. See the playground at the end of the pathway? Some of the lower-floor units are located pretty close to the centre, so might be noisy. 

One of the many playgrounds once again - this one seems to have a plant-theme? 

Another playground. This one's definitely more exciting and made for older kids. The playgrounds here aren't much to shout about, but there are still pretty decent. 

The common green sitting on the fringes of Plantation Acres and is what separates this BTO from Plantation Grange is currently still under construction. 

One of the other entry points into the carpark is mostly sheltered. It leads to one of two lift lobbies in the carpark. 

It looks like there's a gap along one of the walkways. The rain managed to seep in.

One of two vehicle entry points for the carpark. 

There are some stacks that look directly into the carpark, but they aren't as close as the ones we've seen in other BTOs.

The ramps in the carpark are really wide.

The carpark is equally spacious. 

We took this from a common corridor to get a sense of the distance of the MRT tracks from some of the stacks that overlook it. 

The side by side units have a decent amount of space between them.

Not a ton of space in front of some of the units. 

The master bathroom has a longer window, which is really nice for getting fresh air in, but it's not ideal for privacy. Just keep in mind that some of the windows face the common corridor.

Final Thoughts on Plantation Acres

Once all the amenities are set up and the MRT station and opposite neighbourhood centre are completed, this place will be pretty decent in terms of convenience. Currently, it's not the most easily accessible, but that's bound to change.

It's definitely a family-friendly project with future primary schools and a large childcare centre on site. There are also plenty of playgrounds available, which is a huge plus. What we really like is how spacious everything feels and how easy it is to navigate the site compared to other BTOs we've seen. And let's not forget about the privacy here—even units that are right next to each other are nicely spaced apart.

What are your thoughts on Plantation Acres? Are you a resident here? We would love to hear from you. Share your thoughts with us in the comments! 

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