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BTO Analysis for Sembawang’s EastGlen @ Canberra (Nov 2018): Which unit is best?

EastGlen’s construction is already under way as of Dec 2018. The BTO is slated to be ready by the end of 2020.

EastGlen @ Canberra is one of the smaller BTO developments launched in the November 2018 BTO sales exercise. There are only 310 units of 3-, 4- and 5-room flats up for grabs. It was well-received during the exercise, in part because of its proximity to Canberra MRT station, which is slated to be completed by December 2019.

Along Canberra Crescent. Surrounded mainly by new BTOs and empty parcels of land, the Canberra neighbourhood is still relatively quiet.

Town map for EastGlen @ Canberra.

Image courtesy of HDB





Aerial view of the BTO cluster at Canberra, taken from Google Maps.

EastGlen @ Canberra joins a series of BTOs previously launched in the area. While its own site does not have supermarkets or retail shops, it is able to enjoy the amenities located at the other BTOs. At EastLace BTO, one of the nearest developments to EastGlen, there are several eating houses, shops and a lot allocated for a minimart. At EastBrook, there is a three-storey development housing a supermarket (Sheng Shiong), several clinics, a pre-school and other retail shops.

Amenities at EastBrook, housing a Sheng Siong supermarket and other retail options.

Amenities at EastLace, just across the road from EastGlen.

Residents at EastGlen will also enjoy amenities from the upcoming neighbourhood centre, Canberra Plaza, which is only a 10-min walk. Its expected completion date is in 2019 and it will be located next to Canberra MRT station, also ready by 2019. The three-storey plaza will house retail shops, supermarkets, eateries, a childcare centre, a water playground as well as a landscaped green space.

Artist impression of Canberra Plaza.

Image courtesy of HDB

It’s a 20-min walk to Sembawang Shopping Centre, where Giant Hypermarket is its anchor tenant. Sun Plaza, next to Sembawang MRT station is also 20 minutes away by foot. The supermarket there is NTUC Fairprice. Sembawang Park also takes approximately 20 minutes to reach by foot.

Nearby amenities also include the ones in Bukit Canberra, a sports and community hub set to be opened progressively from 2020 and is slated to be fully operational by September 2021. Located 5 minutes away from Sembawang MRT station, it will house a hawker centre, sport facilities, a gymnasium (the largest ActiveSG gym in Singapore), a polyclinic, a senior care centre, swimming pools, as well as green spaces for community farming.

Artist impression of a wading pool located at Bukit Canberra.

Image courtesy of SportSG

There will be sites set aside at Bukit Canberra for community farming.

Image courtesy of SportSG



Consideration 1: No Western Sun

These stacks tend to have less impact from the western sun, which comes from the north-west (Mar to Sep months) and south-west (Sep to Mar months) directions in Singapore. Pick the ones marked out on the map for a cooler flat:

109A: 304, 306, 308, 310
109B: 312, 314, 322, 324
109C: 330, 332, 334
109D: 340, 348, 350

Consideration 2: More Privacy

These stacks have greater privacy, as they won’t have nosy neighbours walking by their flats either to reach the lifts or the rubbish chutes. Select them for a flat with more privacy:

109A: 302, 304, 310
109B: 314, 318, 322
109C: 326, 334, 338
109D: 342, 350

Consideration 3: Relatively unblocked views

Some units at EastGlen are facing sites reserved for schools, which tend to have shorter buildings, while some units are facing high-rise developments. We marked out the stacks that can get relatively unblocked views, but only if you’re choosing a unit on a higher floor:

109A: All stacks except 300
109B: 316, 318, 322
109C: 330, 332, 334
109D: 340, 348, 350


  • For 4-room and 5-room flats, there are two kinds of layouts for each type to choose from. One has a narrower living room area with the bomb shelter located along the corridor space, while the other has the bomb shelter sitting within the boxier living room.
  • Avoid units that face the pavilion (PP), playgrounds and fitness corners if you don’t want to be disturbed by the higher noise levels that will arise because of the higher human activity levels in these areas.

All site map images courtesy of HDB

Check out our analysis for Tengah’s Plantation Grove, which was also launched in the November 2018 BTO sales exercise.


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