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Bringing the Outside In

Add a touch of quirky fun to your home by growing plants in unusual places. Green Living and Bringing the Outside In are two of this year’s biggest interior design trends. Designers have been creative by putting living plants in furniture and furnishings rather than pots.

Living grass topped tables offers the opportunity of year-round picnics with family and friends. Grow ‘cat’ grass and you’ll be giving your feline friend a place to graze without them having to place a paw outside. These living table tops just need a little watering and the occasional trim to keep them looking lush and green all year round.

Plants need light to grow, when you live in a windowless room some plant varieties that are given artificial light thrive. Using a light bulb to give the necessary illumination to grow has been used by intuitive designers when creating pendant style units that give both your room and your plant light.

Taking inspiration from the pockets on a snooker table, pockets to hold plants gives a dining room table a fresh and whimsical look. Iconic transparent Ghost style furniture has been used to give climbing plants a place to wend their way up the legs, creating a wonderful place with plenty of natural light for them to grow.

Lichens and soft moss have also been used to Bring the Outside In. These living plants can be used to create living walls and look stunning when planted within a coffee table.

There are many different green plant species that will grow happily inside your home, furthermore you don’t need a plain old boring pot to house them.


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