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Break Free From The Cord

Don’t you just hate it when your iron cord seems to have a life of its own? It twists and turns like a cunning snake, making it SO difficult to iron your clothes properly. I have no idea why electrical cords like to do this, but Tefal has come up with a solution that you and I shouldn’t have to do without!

Presenting…TEFAL Freemove!


Launched for the first time on Labour’s Day, the TEFAL Freemove is a cordless and ergonomically designed iron that comes with an Easyfix docking base and a powerful ironing system that guarantees a fuss-free ironing experience and perfect results every single time. You might think that cordless irons are not powerful at all, but the Tefal Freemove iron will amaze you with its capabilities. Just check out its features below!


The Tefal Freemove is now retailing at all leading electrical and departmental stores at S$229. Enjoy a free Tefal ironing board worth $80 with every purchase of Tefal Freemove, while stocks last, so don’t hesitate in getting it for your new home or replace your old iron! =D


PS: Another product that you might like is the Rowenta Intense Pure Air Purifier PU2120. If the poor air quality has been bothering you of late, then this might be a great option. It can purify 99.5% of suspended dust in the air within ONE hour (70m² space), so it reduces the risks of exposure to numerous physical, biological, and chemical pollutants. The air purifier uses 3 filtration levels to cleanse the air:

  • Layer 1: Pre-filter: captures allergenic dust, human and animal hairs
  • Layer 2: Carbon filter – dissipates food smells, animal, paint and glue odours
  • Layer 3: HEPA filter – eliminates pollen, tobacco smell, and bacteria


It even can ascertain the level of pollutants in the air, so you’ll always be in the know about the air quality! The Rowenta Intense Pure Air is now retailing at all leading electrical and departmental stores for $499.

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