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Boom Boom Room: Surround Sound in the Home

Maybe you want to replicate the cinematic experience in your home. Or maybe you’re on the hunt for the perfect sound system that does justice to your favourite music. Whichever it is, an impeccable home theatre system will certainly elevate the way you enjoy your movies and concerts from now on.

You might be thinking, to have a home entertainment system you need to have a lot of room. But that’s not true. Bose®, together with Atlas Sound & Vision, offers home theatre systems that can fit into smaller spaces, so you don’t have to worry about space­gulping audio systems of yore. In fact, there are several sizes to customise to your home. To help homeowners learn more about the renowned Bose® sound and what Bose® has to offer, we organised an event at the Atlas Corporate Office at 10 Winstedt Road.





Wish to know if 5.1 home theatre systems or Soundbars suit your listening pleasure more? What exactly is a Wi­Fi music system (there actually is a difference between wireless and Wi­Fi music systems!)? Presentations and tours were in full swing that day, and there were even one-on-one sessions should attendees want to know more in detail.




When it comes to sound, you’ve really got to hear it to believe it. No amount of reading up, YouTube videos or testimonials can rival the solid opinion you form when you experience the product in real life, and that’s what the folks at Atlas want for you with their Experience Rooms.


Or don’t tell me you came just for these?!


Stepping inside an Experience Room, all outside noise is softened. You’ll only hear the full, rich sound of Bose® . Action­packed movies, like Top Gun (a true classic, right?) or Transformers, are the best vehicles to showcase the immersive experience you get from Bose® 5.1 surround sound systems and soundbars.

To top it all off, Louis from interior design firm Archetype Pte Ltd shared with us tips on integrating sound systems into your home décor. Good news is that there’s a handful of décor styles that sound systems look great in (Scandinavian, industrial and retro, to name a few), so don’t be too concerned if your renovations are already done.


Calling these “sound bites” wouldn’t be inappropriate now, would it? XD


We had a fabulous time interacting with everyone and huge congratulations to our lucky draw winners! Prizes included a SoundDock® digital music system, a SoundLink® bluetooth speaker and SoundSport in­ear headphones, all by Bose®.

If you’re keen to join us for future events, keep an eye out for updates on upcoming events. After all, there’s never too much to learn on beautifying the home!

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