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Bizarre HDB Floorplans which will leave you Flabbergasted

Some of my peers insisted that HDB designs are downright boring and predictable; in other words…the HDB design landscape is basically dull and monotonous.


However, I beg to differ.
The truth is HDB does churn out creative and even downright bizarre HDB designs which seriously..leave me flabbergasted at times.




To prove my point, I managed to dig up these incredible fascinating HDB floorplans which are a testament of HDB’s numerous attempts at being creative and unconventional.


Firstly let me introduce….




1. Fan Shaped Floorplans From …


Sembawang Blk 468A to 468D
Pasir Ris Blk 150, 153 to 154


I am not sure if this is HDB’s feeble attempt to mimic the infamous Pearl Bank Apartments, which was the first all-housing project to be undertaken in the Urban Renewal Department of the Housing and Development Board’s Sale of Sites programme. 


Ok, after the HDB designers had enough fun with the “Pearl Bank” styled shaped HDB design, they decided to implement ….




2. Pointy Shaped Floorplans From…


Bukit Batok Blk 383-395 and Farrer Park Blk 11-15 




Pasir Ris Blk 712 to 717
Sharp corners are usually a bale when it comes to Fengshui. Since sharp corners lead to wasted space and hence, HDB inordinate fascination with triangular pointy designs for the bedrooms and even in bathroom….remains a mystery. Perhaps HDB is somehow trying to make a “point” ?


Then they decided …



3. Arrow Shaped Floorplans From…


Bedok Reservoir View


Chua Chu Kang


Sunset Way


HDB unusual obsession with angular designs is certainly disconcerting! I can imagine the homeowners having a hard time when they are doing the space planning for their arrow shaped home.


The fun did not stop here….we have…





4. Missing Corners floorplans from ..


Geylang Serai
Sunset Way
Missing corners are also a big no-no when it comes to Fengshui but they are of a lesser “evil” when compared to sharp corners since pointy corners are essentially dead unusable space.
Well, now that HDB had enough with Pointy HDB designs, they decided to come up with….



5. Floorplans With Curves From…


Delta Ave

Admiralty Drive


Having a semi circular balcony means that installing balcony blinds is out of question. Dead corners at both ends of the balcony are such a waste… not to mention at the master bedroom too. A friend of mine lives in a Sembawang HDB which has an even more outlandish layout – a “semi heart-shaped” master bedroom that juts out ..unfortunately I am unable to locate a softcopy of her floorplan.
Last but not least, some HDB designers decided to go all out and came up with these …


6. Oddly shaped floorplans from…


Bukit Batok Blk 288 – 289
Chua Chu kang




Bukit Panjang




I noticed that at least the HDB kept the bedrooms mostly regularly shaped, while confining the odd shapes to the living room and kitchen area. 


Well, after looking at these, I am very inclined to believe that HDB has a thing against practical squarish or rectangle shaped flats. Maybe once in a while, the HDB designers are allowed to let go their imagination or there are “fun with shapes” HDB design contests! An amazing feat nevertheless! But really, I wonder do the HDB designers want to live in their own creations ….and seriously who in the right mind has approved such designs?!


I also muse on whether HDB has considered the “added value” (if any) of introducing such uniquely impractical designs? Having oddly shaped corners translate to wasted space and thus, more effort and money have to be spent to make it usable…Ugh!
Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this post and do let us know if you have unique floorplans to share too!
Have a great week ahead! 🙂


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