7 Best Kitchen Tools and Gadgets for Really Lazy People

  • Oct 19, 2023

Gather around, lazy folks. Today’s article pinky promises to save you time and effort when it comes to meal preparation, setup, and cleaning. We’ve rounded up 7 of the best kitchen tools and gadgets that you should definitely consider purchasing for your new home. 

1. Pots and Pans with Detachable Handles

Modori Pot

These non-stick, induction- and oven-friendly cookware are designed with detachable handles, which not only make cleaning a breeze (no more clumsy handles sticking out!) but also enable effortless serving directly from the cooking pot, eliminating the hassle of transferring to a separate dish. Bonus: they are also super stackable, fitting right into your small kitchen. 

Their 3-piece cookware set costs S$188, available at their official store.


2. All-in-One Cooking Machine 

This is probably the closest you’ll get to having an actual robot in the kitchen for now. According to their website, the Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot has a total of 35 functions in one appliance—talk about a multitasker! It’s capable of doing anything from grinding coffee beans and mincing meat to stir-frying vegetables and kneading dough (all hands-free, of course). You can also prepare up to 3 dishes and 1 soup simultaneously using a multi-layer cooking technique, allowing you to have dinner ready all at once. It’s similar to the multi-cooker Thermomix, in case you’re familiar with it.

It’s currently going for S$1,199, available at their authorised stores.

3. Garlic Press

Ikea Garlic Press

Freshly chopped garlic always produces the best flavour, but let’s face it lazy people, we are much too lazy to chop our own garlic and it’s just easier to buy pre-chopped ones, am I right? That’s where the garlic press comes in handy. This simple tool crushes your garlic by pushing it through small holes, saving you the trouble of mincing it by hand every single time. Why settle for pre-minced garlic when you can have the freshly minced version with half the effort? We like this one from Ikea, which “copes” with unpeeled cloves as well (what—no need to peel?) and has a flat garlic chamber that’s easy to rinse under a running tap. 

Available at Ikea for just S$10. Total steal. 

4. Egg Cooker

Egg Cooker

Whether you like your avocado toasts topped with hardboiled eggs or you prefer something decidedly less millennial e.g. dipping kaya toasts in a plate full of runny yolks, an egg cooker can be quite the handy tool to have around the kitchen. No more having to drag out a pot just to boil two eggs. This Rommelsbacher egg boiler offers three settings, allowing you to adjust the egg's hardness according to your preference. 


Boil perfect eggs with this egg cooker available for sale at Harvey Norman for S$59.  

5. Dishwasher Integrated with Sink 

Franke Dishwasher with Sink

You know how dishwashers can be a real time and effort saver, right? Well, get ready to be blown away when you hear of this one from Franke. This dishwasher is integrated with the sink so instead of having to deal with dripping water and straining your back to load dirty dishes, all you have to do is give your dishes a quick rinse by the sink to get rid of any caked-on food scraps and pop them right into the dishwasher beside. It also has special washing programmes for fruits and vegetables that remove pesticide residues—how amazing is that? 

Available at Econflo Systems at a whipping S$3,000. But #girlmath, right? 

6. A Multifunctional Air Fryer 

The air fryer was the overwhelming response when we asked our readers what the best kitchen appliance for lazy people was. And having used it myself for the past three years, I couldn’t agree more. If you aren’t yet a convert, know this: the taste of an air fried food tastes almost similar to fried food, minus the aftermath of grease you get in the kitchen. Besides an easier clean-up, the food gets cook quicker in an air fryer, you use less oil, and you’re freed up to do other stuff—like sip on wine—while the food gets cooked in the air fryer. What’s not to like?

Philips Air Fryer


And if you’re starting to think that an air fryer is a must-have, then this Philips air fryer will definitely make you a genuine believer. It comes with 22 different programmes that take you beyond frying, allowing you to grill, roast, bake, braise, sous vide and more. Link it up with their NutriU app where you can reference step-by-step recipes to make cooking much less of a chore. 

The Airfryer Combi XXL Connected is available here for S$619. 

7. Cordless Immersion Blender

Immersion Blender - the perfect blending kitchen tool

An immersion blender does all the things a conventional blender does, except it doesn’t require you to transfer foods into a separate container = time save, less washing needed = yay lazy people! You can literally blend right from your cooking pot. Making soups, mash potatoes, sambal belacan or traditional Chinese desserts have never been easier. This KitchenAid one gets our two thumbs of approval because it’s also cordless! No more having to find an outlet or have cords running across your countertop. 

Get this cordless gadget at Tangs for S$199. Available in three colours! 

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