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Benefits of Using Water Based Paints


If you’re planning to get your home repainted, it is necessary that you explore all the possible options in terms of paints and other elements. This is because your ultimate purpose is to bring life to your walls by using the best wall paints for your home. Generally the paints we used are thinned by using turpentine. Alternatively there are water based paints that are thinned with water instead of turpentine. Moreover, these paints can be easily cleaned with water. These paints are used in the similar way as oil paints are. The only difference is that one can easily remove water based paint by using brush and palette when they are wet.

There are several advantages of water based paints over oil based paints. First and foremost, they have an advantage that they do not produce any cleanup solvents which reduces the HW generation. It eliminates the need of using any harmful solvents during the application which further brings down the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

In fact, water based paints are ecofriendly due to their nature supportive properties. A large number of people prefer these paints over its counterparts. This is because oil based paints involve harmful solvents and hazardous chemicals during the application and cleanup process. Moreover, it doesn’t dry, crack or fade in sunlight. Another good property is that these paints don’t permit the growth of mildew on it and can be used on almost all kinds of surfaces without any pretreatment. These paints have a less potent odor and consume lesser time to dry. They don’t become brittle over a period of time and require less ventilation compared to other oil based paints. Water based paints are also known to have more elasticity than oil based paints.

Water based paints make the use of water as the medium which carries the colour pigment to the surface that is being painted. By the time the paint dries, the solvent evaporates completely. These paints have very minimal risks for humans and animals around because the only thing that evaporates and enters the air is hydrogen and oxygen. However in the case of solvent-based paints, solvents like epoxy, release harmful organic chemicals in the air while drying which is harmful to humans and animals, especially children.

The only thing you need to take care of is to buy paints from a reliable paints manufacturing company because quality is the most prominent factor responsible for superb performance.

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