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Bedside Tables: 3 Tips To Rock Your Bedroom Decor

The bedside table probably won’t make much of an impact on your consciousness, but a well-chosen piece can add much character to your bedroom—not to mention the storage possibilities it provides in small spaces. To help you make the right decision, here are 3 tips to choose a suitable piece for your bedroom!



Not Big, Not Small, Just Right Size

Sometimes you might come across bedside tables (otherwise known as night-stands) that are either too small or too big for the bed. This may make the room décor look a tad lopsided so the rule of thumb here is to go for night-stands that are as high as the top of your mattress. This will create a cohesive yet visually pleasing appearance all round. King-sized mattresses typically go well with night-stands that are about 20″ to 40″ wide, but try to scale it such that you have enough space to get out of bed.


It Doesn’t Always Have To Match

You might think that matching bedside tables is the key to decorating, but it doesn’t always have to be the case. If you find two different tables that rock your world, then go right ahead. You can always tie in the look with matching table lamps or accessories. But don’t go overboard with decorating, you want to keep an uncluttered space to keep the mood suitably Zen. Want a matching set of bedside tables anyway? Then choose an upholstered headboard to break up the monotony.

You don’t always have to go for conventional bedside tables either; there are loads of options like a small vanity, vintage chairs, or even a pile of suitcases. Or you can DIY your own set of bedside tables for a more unique look.



A bedside table like a 3-drawer chest is useful because it can hold your many knick-knacks or that handy glass of water while you indulge in some bedtime reading. For a cleaner and less cluttered look though, you might want to go for a shelf or wall bracket. This will give you some semblance of a bedside table, yet maintain a minimalist look that won’t overwhelm your room. On the other hand, it’ll be best to forgo the bedside table if you really have no space in the bedroom. It all really depends on what you want to use your bedside table for, so weigh your options carefully before buying the night-stand.


We hope that the above tips can help you find the perfect set bedside tables. Have fun shopping!

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