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Bedroom DIY Interior Design Tips


Let us get this straight: unless you have an impressive artist’s eye, creativity and resourcefulness, we would highly recommend that you hire an interior design firm at the onset. It would save you on long-term costs and headaches. However, if you do have above-average artistic skills, and are quite tight on the budget, then a do it yourself interior design venture would work just fine. Do it yourself projects, commonly referred to as DIY developments, require patience and skill.

Here we compiled some easy DIY interior design tips for your bedroom:

  • Decide on your main colour motif. The colour motif is essential. Work around it and purchase or recycle furniture that will blend with your chosen colour.
  • Start with something big. It could either be the floor, the wall or the ceiling. If you have great wood flooring, then peel off that carpet and polish your wood flooring until it gleams. Sand, varnish and polish if you must. If you prefer to start with the walls, then choose a high-quality, eco-friendly paint. Wallpapers are making a comeback, so we suggest you look into that too. Ceilings can be a bit trickier. People usually leave ceilings out with they do DIY interior design as it can be too messy, too time consuming and too taxing. However, if you do decide to add spice to your ceiling, the safest would be to paint it in white or some other neutral shade.
  • Change some furniture. Now that you are doing DIY interior design, this might be a good time to change those furniture that have been there for decades. Select furniture that are sturdy, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Let your personality shine through with your choice of furniture.
  • Finally, add the trimmings and trinkets that will help add personality to the space. You can hang up photo frames, some posters or even a homemade dreamcatcher.

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