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Beauty Sleep in a Beautifully Decorated Bedroom

For many of us, the bedroom is a sanctuary where we can truly unwind, get solid rest and prepare for the challenges of the coming day. Not only does a quality bed count in that equation, the decor and layout of your bedroom needs to also be one that helps you relax and recharge.To equip homeowners with useful knowledge on making their bedroom the ideal haven, we organised a Saturday event in collaboration with Tempur Singapore, the leading provider of premium mattresses and pillows.

Held last Saturday 11 April at Tempur’s Martin Road headquarters, we had expert speakers join us to share useful tips and tricks on all things bed and the bedroom. Iris, Tempur’s appointed speaker, kicked off the session with the benefits of memory foam and how to choose your ideal bed. Did you know that ‘Tempur’ is also the company’s namesake pressure-relieving material? Discovered by NASA in 1980, it is temperature-sensitive and distributes body weight evenly. Tempur has spent years and dollars of research to perfect the material used in Tempur pillows and mattresses today, so what we’re getting is the ultimate quality.


Iris from Tempur shares about the benefits of Tempur mattresses.


On top of that, we had Dr Richard E. Kissun from Kissun Chiropractic share with us the importance of good posture and how our posture can negatively affect the quality of our sleep. Not only are we often unaware of our posture while we sleep, poor posture over time can lead to lots of health problems such as neck pain, back aches and migraines. That’s why a good pillow that supports our neck is so crucial. Tempur has a range of pillows to suit multiple sleeping positions so that you’re assured of proper posture whichever way you like to fall asleep.


During the fitting session, Dr Kissun helps homeowners find the most comfortable fit on Tempur pillows and mattresses.


Thanks to the expert talks and presentations by Iris and Dr Kissun, we definitely came away understanding more about good (and bad) posture, how it affects the quality of our sleep and what mattresses and pillows should be in our arsenal for a good night’s sleep.

Calming decor is also key to rest and relaxation. Curtains and blinds both keep light out for a soft, soothing ambience, but do you know which to go for and what kind? Tong Kheng Curtains & Blinds enlightened us on the functions of each, and how having curtains and blinds can dress up a space as well. For example, while Venetian blinds block out a good amount of sunlight, useful for that mid-day siesta, they require daily cleaning and catch dust, so these wouldn’t be recommended for allergy sufferers or busy/can’t-be-bothered people (hands up, anyone?).


What’s an event without tasty bites to mingle over?


We also gleaned design tips and tricks from ID company The Interior Lab on bedroom layouts. There are so many things to pay attention to in the bedroom, such as floor and ceiling, bed size and height, wardrobe and dresser etc, that it can quickly get overwhelming–which is why we hire professionals to lead the way. In the business for eight years and counting, Freddy was chock-full of tips and ideas on how to create a charming and cosy sanctuary to go home to every night.

To round up the event, Tempur is kind enough to furnish our attendees with discount vouchers to use on their chosen Tempur pillows and mattresses.

On behalf of Tempur and our distinguished speakers, we would like to thank all the homeowners who joined us on Saturday.

If you’re keen to join us for future events, keep an eye out for updates on upcoming events. After all, there’s never too much to learn on beautifying the home!

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