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33 Beautiful Ceiling Designs That Will Make You Look Up

Ceilings are usually forgotten in a home renovation, because let’s be honest here: how often do you actually look up? But convert that flat, white and boring ceiling into something special, and your home is immediately on a whole new level playing field. It’s a great surface to try out outrageous design ideas, but it’s also a great way to introduce subtle touches that make all the difference. If you’re thinking of leaving your ceiling empty, these dazzling ceiling designs should change your mind:


1. The rest of the furnishings were deliberately kept simple in order to cast the focal point onto the ceiling. The thin wood slats accentuate the length of the space, while the wood tones bring much needed warmth.

Design: Artist Room


2. A sponge paint effect was done on the ceiling and on one side of the walls using gold paint against a dark grey background.

Design: Akihaus


3. The wooden lines of this custom bookshelf extend beyond its full height to reach across the ceiling, giving height and length to the study room.

Design: DistinctIdentity


4. Hard to find room for your extensive art collection? Hang them on your ceiling instead. Incorporate a few recessed panels to frame your artwork.

Design: Fuse Concept


5. Nothing says drama like a black ceiling. You don’t have to paint it entirely black though. Keep a part of the wall in a contrasting hue – like white – for depth. Cove lights here soften the divide between the white ceiling panel and the rest of the black-painted surface.

Design: Edge Interior


6. Using slim wood planks placed on their sides rather than flat, this ceiling design runs diagonally across the living room, narrowing as it goes along to create visual movement.

Design: DistinctIdentity


7. Want to gaze at the stars while you fall asleep? Incorporate fibre-optic lights onto a black-swathed ceiling.

Design: Free Space Intent


8. A waffle of open cubbies were introduced onto the ceiling of the homeowner’s studio for visual interest as well as to hide the recessed lights.

Design: Lekkar


9. Rather than carve out an entire tray ceiling to incorporate the orange glow of the cove lights, several rectangle pockets were punctuated across the length of this dining room to create a subtle elegance without being overbearing.

Design: Rezt & Relax Interior


10. Two long strips in-built with LED lights run diagonally across the length of the open-plan space, demarcating the different zones in this BTO flat.

Design: Space Atelier


11. Black slate tiles covering a side panel and the ceiling in this semi-open bathroom draw attention to the shower space and the area where the standalone bathtub rests.

Design: Akihaus


12. Swathed in a glorious turquoise floral print wallpaper, the bedroom ceiling is a loud distraction from the otherwise muted space.

Design: DistinctIdentity


13. Going for the industrial look? Let your ceiling look like no work has been done on it at all by covering it with cement screed.

Design: Three-D Conceptwerke


14. A bohemian style home gets most of its character from the deliberately unfinished effect done on its ceiling.

Design: The Design Ministry


15. For a rustic look, wooden beams were used to create a resort feel to this home. To tie in the look together, the designer had the mahogany tones of the beams match the dining set.

Design: DistinctIdentity


16. The tray ceiling was covered in square wood panels, lending a sense of warmth in this all-white, contemporary living room.

Design: Dots ‘N’ Tots Interior Design


17. Instead of merely functioning as a way to hold up lighting cables, the hooks were decked out throughout the apartment’s ceiling to serve as a unique design element. It also lends a certain edge to this industrial themed space.

Design: Free Space Intent


18. A long ceiling panel stretches across the length of this living and dining room open concept combination in order to add visual depth to the space and to conceal the warm cove lights.

Design: Rezt & Relax Interior


19. A swatch of dark navy blue starts at the entrance foyer of this HDB flat, ending at the end of the living room to serve as a visual walkway to this space.

Design: Studio 99


20. Hexagonal panels cascade upwards in an untidy fashion so that it will appear more organic. Certain pockets within the panels were removed to conceal the recessed lights that illuminate this dining area.

Design: The Scientist


21. Bathing the all-white kitchen in a warm glow, this ceiling panel mimics the angular shape of the island it is towering over.

Design: White Corporate


22. To draw attention to the unusual layout of this apartment, the designer decided to outline the zones with ceiling beams inserted with recessed lights. They were painted in taupe to contrast against the white background.

Design: Urban Habitat Design


23. The dark wood panels with imperfect grains are the perfect accompaniment to the masculine colour scheme of this home.

Design: The Scientist


24. Instead of a conventional ceiling panel that mirrors the rectangle shape of this home, the designer chose to present a diagonal panel that adds extra interest.

Design: The 80’s Studio


25. Boxed in with wood panels that extend all the way to the ceiling, this bedroom is the epitome of comfort and cosiness.

Design: Akihaus


26. “Cracks” on the ceiling reveal the recessed lights used to provide ambience to this home.

Design: KNQ Associates


27. The show-stopping cement-screed ceiling was designed in such a way as to set the different areas apart in this open-plan space. The living area features a round ceiling shape anchored by the ceiling fan, while the dining area features a rectangle shape defined by a row of pendants.

Design: Poetus


28. A black recessed void in the ceiling separates the eating area from the living room in this open layout. It’s a dramatic addition that amplifies the sense of height in this apartment.

Design: M3 Studio


29. The ceiling design, surrounded with warm cove lights, reflects the design of the TV feature wall. The effect creates a stunning picture of elegance and symmetry.

Design: Rezt & Relax Interior


30. Similar woodgrain laminates that were used on the custom-built wardrobe were used on the ceiling, connecting the elements together while creating additional visual interest in this bedroom.

Design: DistinctIdentity


31. A zig-zag shaped panel starts as a design feature for the TV wall before extending all the way to the ceiling in order to draw one eye’s upwards, with the intention of making the flat appear taller than it really is.

Design: M3 Studio


32. The folded ceiling presents a cave-like quality to this dining space right outside the kitchen, lending an extra dimension to the space.

Design: Free Space Intent


33. A segment of the living room was corded off and cladded entirely in wood. Warm lights showoff the entrance to this warm and cosy zone.

Design: Studio 20 Concepts


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