20 Beautiful HDB Bathrooms with Bathtubs

  • Jun 19, 2020

Having a bathtub in their small HDB bathroom might seem far-fetched, but it’s not impossible when you start to change how you look at the space. For some inspiration, take reference from these beautiful HDB bathrooms with bathtubs.

1. Industrial Envy

Complete with a bathtub made from concrete, this all-concrete bathroom exudes serious raw appeal. But thanks to the indulgent rain shower, it is anything but casual in here. Design: Butler Interior Location: Fernvale

2. Muji Muse

Because the homeowners wanted an onsen vibe in their HDB bathroom, the designers added a compact bathtub and cladded the sides with wood-lookalike tiles to create a similar ambience to a Japanese hot spring. Design: Chalk Architects Location: Edgedale Plains

3. Boutique Hotel Style

With the warm glow from the mirror, the relaxing tub and the soothing neutral-hued colour scheme, this HDB bathroom looks and feels just like a hotel en suite. Design: Charlotte’s Carpentry Location: Boon Tiong Road

4. Chic Mode

Nothing like a freestanding tub to make a bathroom feel like a self-care sanctuary. We love the addition of the marble tiles and the matching marble sink—so stylishly decadent! Design: Ethereall Location: Buangkok Crescent

5. Small but Mighty

Another bathtub that fits into a tiny space! Sure, you may not be able to stretch out your legs, but you can definitely soak till your skin turns pruney. The sliding glass panels serve as an effective splashguard without taking up too much visual and physical room in this bathroom. Design: VOILÀ Location: Hougang

6. All in Wood

Wood-like tiles are so great for creating a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom. Here, they cover the walls as well as the sides of the bathtub for the space to appear more seamless. Design: Control Space Design Location: Clementi

7. Opening Act

To enjoy a five-star treatment from the comfort of home, the homeowners of this executive maisonette flat splurged on a walk-in shower and a built-in bathtub in their bathroom. The space is set behind glass, evoking luxury and creating a sense of spaciousness. Design: Icon Interior Design Location: Tampines

8. Merged Marvel

Combining two bedrooms into one, the designer was able to craft out an uber-luxurious open-concept en-suite. It features his-and-her sinks, a walk-in shower and a freestanding bathtub that overlooks a TV. Defined by a wood border, the tub functions as a focal point as much as a haven of comfort and luxury. Design: Three-D Conceptwerke Location: Pasir Ris

9. A Class in Glass

Hacking away the walls and replacing them with glass panels ensured that a bathtub could fit in nicely while still having ample space. The clear dividers also created a light and airy ambience à la spa retreat. Design: Fuse Concept Location: Ghim Moh

10. Marble Luxury

Crafted from marble-like large-format tiles, this grand bathtub feels super indulgent and is made for serious lounging. We love the small ledge by the sides which makes it easier to get in and out of the tub, whilst also providing plenty of room to put out spa essentials. Design: Fifth Avenue Interior Location: Hougang

11. Integrated Tub

If you are after something on a smaller scale but still luxurious nonetheless, here’s an idea. Made using smaller marble-like tiles, this bathtub will fit most petite HDB bathrooms. Complement it with a rain shower and you’ve got yourself a mini spa treatment at home. Design: Design Plus Location: Canberra

12. Oriental Class

For something more classic, consider the clawfoot freestanding bathtub, which looks and feels elegant with its sinuous curves and metallic feet. Here, the tub is paired with chinoiserie style wallpaper and wall panelling, lending a timeless appeal to this small HDB bathroom. Design: Living Icon Location: Depot Road

13. Material Play

The play of different tiles in this bathroom contributes to a layered and visually interesting space. For instance, the bathtub is clad in slate tiles, while the wall behind the shower fixture is covered in glossy textured tiles. Thanks to the neutral colour scheme, everything comes together without seeming out of place. Design: VOILÀ Location: Bukit Batok

14. Soothing and Serene

With the predominantly white palette and the hint of wood for warmth, this bathroom feels so very calming. The wall beside the bathtub is laid with a mirror panel, which not only helps to brighten and visually expand the space but also lends an air of luxury and class. Design: Fifth Avenue Interior Location: Ghim Moh Link

15. Contrasting Colours

We love the use of the monochrome palette here. The bathtub is clad with black marble-like tiles, while the rest of the bathroom is decked out in white marble-like tiles to allow the tub to stand out as a focal point. Design: Zenith Arc Location: Bukit Batok

16. Monochrome Fun

The black-and-white theme is great for small bathrooms as it helps to minimise the visual clutter in the space. In this monochromatic bathroom, the bathtub area stands out with black tiles covering the sides. In addition to the shower curtain, an extra column was built for more privacy. Design: Sky Creation Asia Location: Bishan

17. Spa Oasis

Nothing like a wooden caddy in your bathtub to make you feel like you’re soaking in an actual spa! Use it to hold your favourite book, candles and that glass of tipple for a long, relaxing soak. Design: The Orange Cube Location: Ang Mo Kio

18. Round the Corner

This corner tub takes up minimal space while leaving plenty of room for bathroom storage and a walk-in shower so you wash off foam after your bubble bath. Design: Fineline Design Location: Serangoon North

19. Woodland Wonder

An easy recipe for a spa ambience in your bathroom? A bathtub, cove lighting, and elements of nature such as plants and wood-like tiles. Design: Swiss Interior Design Location: Bidadari

20. Suite Sanctuary

Always wanted to turn your bedroom into a romantic hotel suite? Get in a soothing colour scheme, an open bathroom surrounded by glass panels, mood lighting and the requisite deep-soaking tub. Design: Design 4 Space Location: Toh Yi Drive  
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