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Bathroom Renovation

Small bathroom usually posts a design challenge to the interior designers due to its size. When planning for bathroom fittings, do take note that the basin, bidet, shower or bathtub are usually grouped together as they share the same pluming outlets. In addition, shower takes up lesser floor space than a bathtub and uses lesser water.Customised cabinets are recommended since they are great for neatly concealing toiletries, which results in a sleek and seamless coordinated look which makes the bathroom appear more spacious than it really is.Tiny narrow bathrooms should be outfitted with corner bidet, basins to maximize the limited space and storage needs for a couple are usually greater since each person has different cleansing routines and habits. Therefore, storage space can be further maximized by building shelves below the basin and behind the mirror. Racks can be installed on the bathroom walls to utilize the vertical space too.

Ventilation fans are useful in keeping the bathroom walls and ceilings mold free and for the time conscious homeowners, installing wall clocks can help keep track of the time spent in the bathroom.

Lastly, rectangular wastepaper bins can fit into the tiny nooks more easily and thus can free up more space.

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