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12 Bathroom Renovation Must-knows for Every Homeowner

Read on to find out the 12 bathroom renovation must know for every homeowner!

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1. Grab Bars

Grab bars are safety devices installed in the bathroom for you to maintain balance while manoeuvring, or to grab on to prevent slips and falls. Install them at the standing shower walls below the wall mounted accessory holder.

Design: Free Space Intent


2. Bathroom Nightlight

Motion sensor lighting protects kids and elderly from bumping and falling in the dark and are usually installed under bathroom cabinets and next to the toilet bowl.

Source: Pinterest


3. Wicker Baskets

Winder baskets keep bathroom organised yet stylish by keeping shower essentials and folded hand towels within reach. They are usually kept under the suspended cabinets.



4. Non-slip Bath Mat

 Non-slip bath mats are cheap and quick solutions to prevent falls. Place them in front of the shower stalls and at the vanity sink area where the foot traffic is the highest.

Design: Dots ‘n’ Tots Interior Design


5. Bathtub

For HDB owners, you should have set aside at least 70 SQF for the bathroom to cater for a bathtub and a standing shower.

Design: Fifth Avenue Interior

6. Within Reach

Use removable wall mounted accessory holders to keep frequently used items such as soap, shampoo and hair conditioner within reach. They can be easily replaced with bigger sized holders when you need to store more shower products.

Design: DSOD Interior


7. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are the fastest and cheapest solutions to add storage space vertically in a space-challenged bathroom. The floating shelves need to have at least 12 cm in depth to store the toilet rolls.

Design: Space Sense


8. Bathroom Cabinet

Closed bathroom cabinet is best recommended to keep clutter at bay, hygienically. This is because most homeowners do not shut the toilet lid when they flush. As a result, toilet water particles spray will stay airborne before gradually landing on the exposed surfaces.

Design: Icon Interior Design


9. Bathroom Plants

Plants such as Aloe Vera, Boston Fern and Orchid can best thrive in the bathroom because of the low water and lighting requirements.

Source: Instagram


10. Bathroom Tiles

Marble bathroom tiles are timeless classics but they come at a high cost. Cheaper alternatives such as faux intimation marble tiles are gaining popularity due to its high-cost savings and durability.

Design: Collective Designs


11. Wall hung toilet

A wall hung toilet takes up a minimal amount of space and makes it much easier to get the floor cleaned. Nevertheless, repairing or replacing a wall hung toilet would be very costly since it means having to replace part of the toilet wall.

Source: Instagram


12. Mirrors

Bathroom mirror is multi-functional since it helps to brighten up and make the bathroom appear bigger than it is by visually expanding the room.

Design: Story of Us


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