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Basic Rules in Engaging Virtual Interior Design Firms

Virtual interior design, or sometimes referred to as e-design has lately been taking the interior design world by storm. For the clients or the end users, speed, convenience and simplicity is what drives them to go for virtual interior design companies instead of the traditional ones. With this technology, the power lies in the hands of the end user. Furthermore, as clients can immediately see the 3D blueprint, there will be no guessing as to what the room will end up looking like.


Remember that in virtual interior design, the same rules basically apply to both clients and interior design companies. Some of these are:

  1. Communication is still essential. Just because it is virtual interior design, it does not mean that you can do away with email communications, phone calls or even dropping by the interior design company’s office to talk about the plans, room dimensions, expectations and others.
  2. Always try to be specific with what you want, especially if it is something that needs to be spelt out or if it something that needs to be sourced from a sole distributor.
  3. Be patient. It takes time to create a design based on your written specifications – especially if communication is only through phone, emails or chat.
  4. Be accurate with the measurements. When you give your room measurements and dimensions to the virtual interior design company, you should be precise. These virtual interior design companies don’t usually drop by your house to measure if the actual figures you gave is correct. Most likely, they will take your word for it. So to get the optimum results, you have to be very specific and very accurate.
  5. Do a background check. Background check and sourcing for feedback is very crucial especially if you are hiring a virtual interior design company. Your communication and transactions are purely online, hence it might be pretty difficult to chase them for payments or for other important elements.

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