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Bacteria Timebomb in your Bathroom – How it affects your renovation decisions


In my latest infographic series, I wanna talk about the disgusting facts about your bathroom…yup that’s right!

Do you know where the dangerous bacteria lurks in your bathroom?

Now that you do, how would this impact your renovation decision?

Will you still hang your bathroom towel on a hook or on a towel rack?

Will you still hang clothes and even the hand towel in the bathroom?
Will you still install the toothbrush holder near the lavatory?
Will you partition the lavatory and shower area from the rest of the room?
Will you finally consider re-configuring the bathroom so that there is a wet and dry zone?
Hope that you find this infographic helpful and Happy Halloween! 🙂
P/s: You are free to share this infographic but please give credit to this site when you are sharing it in your website, blog or other social media medium.


Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC BY 3.0

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