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Avoiding Renovation Contractor Nightmares


Do you remember the 2012 news about a certain Singaporean, Ms Fennie Lim, who, when using her oven has to walk from the kitchen, go to the front door, climb a ladder, look for a specific switch in a circuit box and turn the circuit box on. Imagine the nightmare she constantly has to go through. The reason behind this trouble was because the renovation contractor had a feud with her mother.

You see, renovation contractors are tasked to improve a structure and make it more livable for tenants. That is why before you embark on any renovation, you should always ask around and make comparisons to find the best renovation contractor.

A good renovation contractor will usually spend some time within your premises to familiarize themselves with what needs to be done and the timeframe that it can be done. It would be much preferred for the renovation contractor to speak the same language that you do so that you will understand each other better.

Another thing you should be aware of is these comparison sites that say that the renovation contractors in their site have been pre-screened, verified or certified with valid licenses. This can lead to a false sense of security. A certified contractor and registered contractor is not the same. Avoid con artists by asking for portfolio and references. There are a lot of them who will cheat you out of your money especially if you are not careful.

A registered contractor is registered with the Building and Construction Authority or BCA. To be registered, they need to accomplish several competency requirements in some jurisdictions. It is important to check as well the validity of their credentials, licenses, bonding and insurance. As mentioned, check the references. Get the names of their previous clients and ask for contact information.

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