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August 2018 BTO: Punggol Point Woods and Punggol Point Cove Site and Unit Analysis

Two Punggol developments were launched in the August 2018 BTO sales exercise. Punggol Point Woods and Punggol Point Cove sit along the northern fringes of the town, adjacent to the upcoming Punggol Digital District. Some stacks in Punggol Point Cove has views to Coney Island.

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Most of the area was closed off and under construction when we visited on a weekday evening. As you can see from the photos, the area is still relatively undeveloped with land only just starting to be cleared away.

Land clearing way for Punggol BTOs

Punggol Way


In terms of transportation, there will be bus stops (with feeder services) located along the new Punggol Road and along Punggol Way. Currently, bus 84, which reaches Punggol MRT station, stops in this area.

There will be a Punggol Coast MRT station located right next to the BTOs (Google estimates a walking distance of approximately 5 minutes from either BTOs). This station will be part of the North-East line and is expected to start operations in 2023, which is when the BTOs will be done. It will take over Punggol MRT station as the terminus along this line.

Punggol BTO aerial view Google

For drivers, there might be an even quicker way to access the TPE in the future. For now, it takes 5 minutes to reach the expressway.


There is a lot of excitement surrounding the two Punggol BTOs, and this is largely attributed to the fact that they are located right next to Punggol Digital District.

It was earlier announced this year that a part of Punggol North will be designated as a mixed-use business district and will host a cluster of cyber-security and technology firms come 2023. The smart and integrated district will also see a wide range of leisure, dining and retail options including a hawker centre, childcare centres, a community club as well as a new pedestrianised street to link residents to the Punggol waterfront areas. The area will also be home to Singapore Institute of Technology’s new campus.

A part of Punggol Point Woods will also be set aside for the Heritage Trail, a green zone which links up Punggol Waterway to Punggol Jetty, giving future residents easy access to all parts of Punggol town.

There will be a supermarket and an eating house at the intersection of Northshore Drive and Punggol Road, within the site of Punggol Point Woods itself. These on-site amenities will benefit residents of both BTOs thanks to the proximity of the developments.


Punggol Point Cove features a more organic layout arrangement.

Stacks in Punggol Point Woods are arranged in a boxier layout.

Looking at the site plans for both Punggol Point Woods and Punggol Point Cove, you’ll see that the latter features a more organic flow while the latter has a boxier layout. Cove’s layout results in apartments set further apart from one another. In Woods, the stacks are built closer to one another with lesser breathing room. There are also a lot of green spaces within Punggol Point Cove itself. Coupled with the fact that it’s located next to the sea, it might lend Cove a cooler overall environment.



Punggol Point Cove

No Western Sun

Want a cooler flat when you return home after a day’s work? Go for these stacks:

446A: All units except 1005 and 1003
446B: 1037, 1035, 1039, 1041, 1043, 1045, 1015, 1017, 1019, 1021

447A: 1069, 1067, 1071, 1073, 1075, 1077, 1047, 1049, 1051, 1053

448A: 1091, 1093, 1095, 1097, 1099, 1101, 1103, 1105, 1107, 1079, 1081
448B: 1125, 1127, 1129, 1131, 1133, 1135, 1137, 1139, 1141, 1113, 1115, 1117, 1119


Don’t want your nosy neighbour peeking in your home while they’re walking by? Pick these:

446A: 1011, 1003
446B: 1039, 1021, 1023

447A: 1071, 1053, 1055

448A: 1091, 1089, 1105, 1107
448B: 1125, 1123, 1141, 1143

Amazing Views

Only four stacks have direct waterfront views:

448A: 1105 (for the common bedrooms), 1107
448B: 1141, 1143

For a view of a larger expanse of green:

448A: 1091, 1093, 1095, 1097, 1099, 1101, 1103, 1105


Other considerations:

  • Most of the units at Punggol Point Cove are likely to have either a verdant view or a view of the sea thanks to the landscape deck and the proximity of the development to the sea. However, units along Punggol Way will probably face the developments (most likely facing the market village) that are part of the digital district.
  • Take note that 448A and 448B have shorter stacks compared to the rest of the blocks. Their highest floors are only 8 or 14, compared to the other blocks with stacks reaching either 21, 20, 22 or 23.
  • If you’re opting for a 3-Gen flat, keep in mind that there are 2 different layouts:

A conventional BTO layout with the common bedrooms and the master bedroom separated by the living and dining area.

This layout features a more unique layout, with the kitchen set in the middle of the apartment. Opt for this if you want an open kitchen.


Punggol Point Woods

No Western Sun

Want a cooler flat when you return home after a day’s work? Go for these stacks:

431B: 804, 806, 808, 810
431C: 830, 832, 828, 826, 838, 814, 816

432A: 844, 846, 848, 850
432B: 862, 864, 866, 868, 870, 872, 874

433A: 894, 896, 880, 882, 892, 890, 888
433B: 918, 920, 922, 898, 900


Don’t want your nosy neighbour peeking in your home while they’re walking by? Pick these:

431B: 802, 804, 810, 812
431C: 832, 834, 824, 818

432A: 850, 852, 842, 840
432B: 860, 862

433A: 892, 894
433B: 900, 902, 918, 916

Away from traffic and human activity zones

Punggol Point Woods is pretty densely packed, with most stacks located close to human activity zones. But there are some stacks that are quieter than others:

431C: 818, 820, 822, 824

433B: 916, 914, 912, 910, 920, 922, 898, 900

What do you think of the Punggol developments? Ulu or full of potential? Will you be going for a unit there? Let us know in the comments!

Maps and floor plans are courtesy of HDB


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