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Aug 2017 BTO Analysis: Selecting Units at Sky Vista, West Scape and Rivervale Shores

I’ve previously done up a quick site analysis to see if you should go for a unit at Bukit Batok (Sky Vista and West Scape) or Sengkang (Rivervale Shores) in the August 2017 BTO sales launch. Applications are now closed, results will be released in September and unit selection dates will start in October. If you’re still up for getting a unit in those areas then, here are our choice picks for your consideration:



Total Units 257
No. of Blocks 2
Available Types of Flats 2-room and 3-room
No. of Storeys 23 and 28
Completion Date 1Q 2022

2-room (Type 1)

These units have a boxy kitchen compared to 2-room (Type 2) units, where kitchens are a long, galley style. If you’re going for this layout, there are two stacks for you to choose from: 506 and 504 at block 114B.

I would recommend going for units at stack 504 as 506 is closer to the rubbish chutes. In addition, you will get relatively unblocked views from the living room and bedroom at stack 504. 506 on the other hand is wedged between 508 and 504.

My choice: 504

2-room (Type 2)

If you’re opting for Type 2 units instead, you have three stacks to choose from: 516 at block 114A and stacks 510 and 508 at block 114B.

Stack 510 is a corner unit, which is great for folks who like their privacy. However, stack 510 is near the pavilion, main road and the bus stop, so it is a stack that is very near high activity zones. Also, depending on the other buildings in the area, 510 might get a bit of western sun. Both 510 and 508 are also located near the 3-storey carpark.

If you’re hoping for a quieter spot, I would recommend 516. Whilst it’s near the rubbish chutes, the stack is prized for its unblocked views – there are no neighbouring buildings that are blocking it directly.

My choice: 516


There are three stacks, 512, 514 and 518 at block 114A and two stacks, 500 and 502 at block 114B to choose from if you’re going for a three-room flat.

There is a possibility of stacks 512 and 500 facing the western sun. Stacks 500, 502 and 512 are facing high activity zones such as the playground and fitness facilities – not for you if you’re looking for some quiet.

518 and 514 are decent choices. However, 518 is mainly surrounded by units in the adjacent block so views are not impressive. 514, on the other hand, has relatively unobstructed views, particularly if you’re opting for a unit at the higher floors. It faces a current existing HDB flat, which is just four storeys tall.

My choice: 514



Total Units 1,140
No. of Blocks 7
Available Types of Flats 2-, 3-, 4-room and 5-room
No. of Storeys 15 to 17 storeys
Completion Date 4Q 2021

2-room (Type 1)

Type 1 units are those with a boxy kitchen. You are able to select from 4 blocks: 431A (stacks 1653 and 1655), 432B (1549, 1551, 1557 and 1559), 433A (1605 and 1607) and 433B (1579 and 1581).

I would eliminate stacks 1559 and 1557, as these two stacks are located very near to the 6-storey carpark. I would also avoid 1605 and 1607, which is located close to the cross junction between the main Bukit Batok Road (a really busy road) and Bukit Batok West Ave 6 – these units might be rather noisy even though they are slightly buffered by the four-room units in front.

Stacks 1579 and 1581 are good choices if you’re hoping to be near the future bus stop. However, 1579 is just a little too close to a 4-room stack for my comfort. 1549 and 1551 are a bit far off from the main road but are good options for those who drive since it’s near the carpark but not facing it.

Go for 1653 and 1655 if you want relatively unblocked views, since it will be facing the not-very-tall Bukit Batok Home for the Aged. However, these stacks are facing Bukit Batok West Ave 2, which will be busy particularly during school pick-up and drop-off times seeing as it’s en route to Dazhong Primary School nearby.

My choice: 1581

2-room (Type 2)

With a total of 24 stacks, there are more Type 2 than Type 1 2-room units in West Scape available to choose from.

I would avoid those along the road, such as stacks 1609/1611 and 1649/1651. Stacks 1623 and 1621 are also located relatively near the main road even though they don’t face it directly. 1597, 1595, 1593 and 1591, 1639 and 1637 are also located relatively close to high activity zones such as the playground and the pavilion so they should be avoided if you don’t want a noisy apartment (although if you want rare park views, consider 1639 and 1637). If you don’t want to be facing the carpark, avoid 1555 and 1553.

Units 1643 and 1641 are great if you want peace and quiet, since they are not directly facing any human activity zones and are located relatively far away from adjacent buildings. You might have to contend with the western sun however.

Decent choices include 1519, 1517, 1583, 1585, 1541, 1543, 1545, 1547. My top picks would be for the units at block 433B (1583 and 1585), since they are not as close to the playground or the elderly fitness area. I would go for 1585, since it’s a corner unit.

My choice: 1585


There are only eight stacks to choose from if you’re going for 3-room.

Unless you’re opting for a high floor, I would skip 1563 and 1561. These two stacks offer a park view, but are close to the pavilion and hard court so they will be rather noisy.

The other stacks are located near activity zones such as the adult fitness and elderly fitness stations as well as the playground. However, stacks 1587 and 1645 don’t face these zones directly, while 1613 is a distance away from these activity zones so pick those for some peace and quiet.

My vote will be for 1613, although 1587 comes a close second. Both are corner units, but the former has a better view since it isn’t near any adjacent buildings.

My choices: 1613 and 1587


A few stacks come with a balcony view. These are: 1625/1627 (433A), 1599/1601 (433B), 1519/1521 (433C), 1633/1635 (431A). While they offer a better view, take note that all these balcony units face the main roads so they will be noisy. In addition, stacks 1633 and 1635 as well as 1519 and 1521 are located near the pavilion. The latter is also very close to the bus bay.

For 4-room flats that don’t have a balcony, you might want to consider against 1503 and 1505, which are located above the future shops and eating places. While convenient, these stacks will definitely have higher noise levels. Several units also have the possibility of facing the western sun: 1537, 1539, 1571, 1573 and 1631.

Choice units include 1603, which doesn’t face the main road and is probably free from the western sun. It is also located at the corner, so you will have privacy from nosy neighbours. Corridor units like 1569, 1567, 1575, 1577 and 1565 are also decent, although 1565 is located near the rubbish chutes.

My choice: 1603


The 5-room flats are mostly located near the southern end of the development. Avoid those near the future school (1535, 1533, 1531 and 1529) and those located near the eating houses and shops (1513, 1511, 1509 and 1507) as these areas will likely be noisier than most.

1515 and 1517 aren’t the best units either since it’s located just next to the carpark. I would opt for 1525 and 1527 instead.

My choice: 1525 and 1527



Total Units 2,500
No. of Blocks 16
Available Types of Flats 2-, 3-, 4-room and 5-room
No. of Storeys 8 to 18 storeys
Completion Date 3Q 2022

As Rivervale Shores BTO in Sengkang is a relatively large development, I’ve decided to pick the best units in terms of these factors: view of the Serangoon Reservoir, corner units that won’t have noisy neighbours passing you buy, units that don’t face the western sun, and balcony units. Balcony units are only reserved for certain 3-room flats and above.

2-room (Type 1 and 2)

For the view of the reservoir: 56, 58, 286, 284
Corner units with privacy: 106, 120, 162, 142, 162, 184, 186, 192, 194, 208, 206, 220, 276, 262
Units facing away from western sun: 56, 58, 286, 284, 118, 116, 114, 112, 110, 108, 106, 142, 140, 138, 136, 160, 158, 156, 152, 184, 182, 190, 192, 196, 194, 208, 206, 226, 224, 222, 220, 250, 248, 246, 244, 276, 274, 272, 270, 268, 266, 264, 262


For the view of the reservoir: 62, 60, 290, 288
Corner units with privacy: 62, 290, 102, 104, 172, 210, 252, 254
Units facing away from western sun: 62, 60, 290, 288
Balcony units: 62, 60, 290, 288


For the view of the reservoir: 34, 32, 54, 52, 84, 82, 96, 94, 92, 90, 342, 340, 326, 324, 322, 320, 306, 304, 282, 280
Corner units with privacy: 22 (up to 8th or 9th storey), 48, 50, 52, 76 (up to 8th or 9th storey), 96, 334 (up to 8th or 9th storey), 326, 298 (up to 8th or 9th storey), 292, 294, 278
Units facing away from western sun: 34, 32, 54, 52, 84, 82, 96, 94, 92, 90, 342, 340, 326, 324, 322, 320, 304, 282, 280, 180, 178, 198
Balcony units: 34, 32, 54, 52, 84, 82, 96, 94, 92, 90, 342, 340, 326, 324, 322, 320, 306, 304, 282, 280


For the view of the reservoir: 38, 36, 30, 28, 26, 24, 68, 66, 80, 78, 346, 344, 338, 336, 310, 308, 302, 300
Corner units with privacy: 40, 38, 22 (from 10th or 11th storey), 26, 24, 76 (from 10th or 11th storey), 80, 78, 98, 100, 334 (from 10th or 11th storey), 338, 336, 328, 330, 298, 302, 300
Units facing away from western sun: 36, 30, 28, 24, 66, 78, 344, 336, 310, 308, 300, 132, 228
Balcony units: 38, 36, 30, 28, 26, 24, 68, 66, 80, 78, 346, 344, 338, 336, 310, 308, 302, 300

While these stacks are great for their various reasons, keep in mind that they may disadvantageous in other areas including: facing the expressway (TPE), facing the main road, near high human activity zones such as the pavilion, playground and amenities area. So bear in mind other factors when choosing your flat.


There is no perfect unit, although some units stack up better than others. Determine what you can live with and what you cannot when choosing your own flat.


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