Ask the Experts: All You Need to Know about using Wallpaper in Singapore

  • Jan 15, 2019

If you’ve always been apprehensive about using wallpaper in a humid environment like Singapore or you’re just wondering if it’s possible to use it in a small space, we are here to set your mind at ease. We sought out wallpaper experts at Wallhub and The Curtain Boutique to answer your most frequently asked questions about this surface material.

Is wallpaper a suitable wall covering for a humid environment like Singapore?

According to the experts, yes. As wallpaper is mainly made from countries that experience seasonal weather, they are generally hardy enough to adapt to climate and seasonal changes. That said, you will want to make sure your wallpaper is properly installed with skilled hands.

What are the different types of wallpaper available in Singapore?

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Here, the main difference is where the wallpaper was made—Europe, Korea or Japan. They are sold in roll sizes and have different backing options. For European wallpaper, it comes in a roll size of 10m by 0.53m. Korean wallpaper has a roll size of 15.6m by 1.06m, while Japanese wallpaper has a width of 0.92m and they are sold in meters. Korean wallpapers are the biggest in sizing and generally three times as large as European wallpapers.

In general, most European wallpapers have non-woven backing, while Korean and Japanese wallpapers have a paper backing.

Non-woven and paper backing? Tell us more.

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Wallpaper with a non-woven backing won't damage your walls and won't leave residue when removed. The backing is made of both natural and synthetic fibres, which are breathable so there’s lesser chance of mildew or mould growth. They tend to be more expensive than paper-backed options though. Prices are upwards of $150 to $250 per roll.

Paper backed wallpaper are more affordable, but they are generally not as durable and more difficult to install as you will need to apply an adhesive directly onto the wallpaper and wait for it to dry.

What are some other qualities to look out for when shopping for wallpaper?

You might want to consider fire-safe wallpaper if you’re using wallpaper in the kitchen (do avoid using it on the backsplash areas though). In the event of a fire, a fire-safe wallpaper won’t burn through as quickly as with ordinary paper.

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If you have young children at home, consider wallpapers that are eco-friendly, as they don’t carry harmful materials like lead, mercury, cadmium or other harmful adhesives.

If we’re going the DIY route, how do we prep our walls before installing the wallpaper?

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Make sure the surfaces of your chosen walls are flat as wallpaper cannot be stuck properly on rigid or bumpy surfaces and it will be torn easily. Sand out any unevenness or plaster your walls if necessary. Make sure you add a water-based sealant on your wallpaper before installing as it will help to prevent water seepage, which will damage your wallpaper very quickly.

How long can wallpaper last?

A properly installed wallpaper can last 7 to 10 years.

Any maintenance tips to make wallpaper more durable?

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Once again, make sure the wallpaper is properly installed so that it will be more durable. In the event of stains, remove them as soon as possible with a wrung-out damp cloth. For day-to-day maintenance, a light dusting on a regular basis will preserve its pristine condition. Avoid using abrasive cleaners on the wallpaper.

Should we go bold or stay safe when using wallpaper in a small space?

Don’t settle for basic or plain as people tend to pay more attention to details in a restricted space. Larger or simpler prints can also work for a small space as they can make a limited square footage seem larger.

Image courtesy of Wallhub

If you like smaller, more subtle print designs, our experts recommend using them on a focal wall in a larger room like the living room.

What are some trending designs for wallpaper?

Image courtesy of Wallhub

You won’t go wrong with marble-like prints or botanic prints, say experts, as they’re currently trending in Singapore homes. Aztec and Moroccan prints are also highly popular.


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