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Another Milestone for TEMPUR

Tempur, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of mattresses and pillows, has officially unveiled its new flagship store in Singapore. The mood of the Scandinavian-themed boutique was vivacious and joyous, as guests paraded around exchanging friendly greetings and getting ready for the big reveal of the latest collection.


Hors d’oeuvres and champagne rotated by friendly waiters, a light aroma wafting through the air by virtue of the scent booth nestled in a corner of the room, free massages, and a graceful harpist strumming the most enchanting of tunes constructed an atmosphere that simply overflowed with class and elegance. There was also a bauble decoration station (since Christmas is right around the corner) that proved effective in spicing things up as patrons eagerly crowded around to get their hands on the materials available.


With an intriguing magic show that tricked the eyes and confused the mind, the trademark weightlessness of Tempur’s unique foam was being creatively illustrated. Class 95’s very own Yasminne Cheng then stepped into the spotlight to introduce the Tempur North Collection. Inspired by the vast and unspoiled nature of the North, this complete adjustable bed system features a minimalistic curved design and a floating aesthetic that exudes a calm lightness.


Guests were later allowed to experience for themselves what Tempur’s mattresses felt like soon after, as they took turns hopping onto the various beds available on display. Gathering from the delightful sighs and warm smiles given, it would be fair to conclude that Tempur lived up to, or possibly even exceeded expectations.

It was a really successful launch as a whole and we are looking forward to many more achievements by Tempur in the near future.

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