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An amazing aviation inspired Scandinavian home


What happens when the homeowners decide to infuse their passion into their home interior design?

Well, this Taiwanese couple did just that for their Scandinavian compact apartment and the outcome is simply amazing – an abode which is surprisingly livable with the imaginative blend of aircraft inspired and Scandinavian style, infused by modern sensibility.

The HAO House Design team draws its inspiration from the husband, a fighter engineer, unrelenting passion for aviation and dropped hints of airplanes throughout the house; sky blue walls, aircraft propeller ceiling fans, world maps, dining table which shaped like an aeroplane wing and silver perforated metal walls which resemble the interiors of an airplane cabin and so on!

However, the Nordic theme is kept true with the extensive use of wooden textures, white brick walls and lush indoor plants as nature accent for urban living.

Joey Interior photography
Joey Interior photography
 Joey Interior photography

Joey Interior photography
 Joey Interior photography
Joey Interior photography
 Joey Interior photography
Joey Interior photography
Joey Interior photography

Images from IvanHouseDesign and freshome.

If you wish to look for similar aviation inspired and in some cases, refurbished aircraft parts as home furniture, here are some great sites to consider.
Motoart retails anything from tables, chairs, beds and sculptures.


SkyArt offers office desks and tables made out of wing flaps, refurbished business and economy class seats, service trolleys and also a limited stock of commercial and military pilots seats too!


Art Aircraft  offers hand constructed aircraft art sculptures and furniture made to order.



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