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Amazing Storage Secrets that Every Homeowners Should Know

Gone are the days when new 5 room HDB flats come in jumbo sizes of over 120 sqm and 1,500 sqft in size for a 3 bedroom private condominium.
The Good News? 
The size of an apartment doesn’t dictate how efficient an apartment is; it is how the apartment is designed and organised that makes a place clutter free and comfortable to live in. As a matter of fact, I have witnessed how many efficiently designed tiny abodes pulled double or triple duty since they have more storage than poorly designed homes which are double their size!

The Secret?

 The secret to is to identify the filler; look out for empty or void spaces available around the apartment; be it the gaps between the walls or above the doors, beneath the floor boards or the space underneath the stairs and so on. 

Hence in this post, let me share with you the fantastic and unconventional ways to make the most out of your home. With these great storage ideas, I am sure you can safely keep clutter out of sight and yet stay organized! Check these out to get some inspiration on how to maximise your space and eliminate the clutter!




A kitchen is usually used for cooking or preparation of food but it recent years, it may also be used for dining, entertaining and even for laundry. Western influenced kitchen is usually open concept, partly due to the method of food preparation – bake and stew as apposed to stir fry with wok.
The sides of a refrigerator can also be utilised as a vertical spice rack through the use of magnetic spice containers.


The little space behind the cabinet doors can be fully used for storage too!


There are also storage space beneath the overhanging cabinets too!


A fully equipped kitchen island makes an excellent addition to any kitchen.



A typical bedroom consists of a bed, closet, bed-stand, a closet and if space permits, a study or a dresser.
Such “underground” compartment design  solutions are spotted in several CDL’s condominium projects such as “D’nest” and “Coco Palms”.


This is a great example of how the vertical space can be utilised for stowing away the bed or additional storage compartments.



If you are customising your bed, remember to set aside storage space in your headboard too!



Do you know that in other countries, including the UK, Australia, France and Japan, homes may have a separate toilet and in Iran, its homes have a bathroom and a toilet room.
A good idea for storing bathroom appliances storage.
The space beneath the washing sink is often the most overlooked. Look at how much storage space can be freed up once appropriate drawers are installed.
Vertical bathroom walls should not go wasted too!





The living room or lounge room is usually meant for relaxing and socialising and in certain 5 room HDB design, a study room is also incorporated in the living room.


Large cabinets can be constructed  from the seemingly dead space beneath the stairs.


Storage can also be set aside beneath the sofas.



A hallway is a space where you leave your coats, umbrellas, mails, shoes and many other things. If you have a small hallway, which most houses do, here are some organisation ideas.


A slim table is a practical solution for a narrow hallway.
A brilliant idea for shoe storage.



A laundry room is usually equipped with an automatic washing machine, clothes dryer and sometimes a laundry tub for hand-washing delicate articles and an ironing board. Do you know that most United Kingdom apartments do not have laundry rooms and thus, the washing machine and dryer are usually located in the kitchen.
Stack the washer and dryer on top of each other or side by side to save space.


Construct a built-in ironing board which can be folded up and stashed away on the wall.



I hope you find these ideas inspiring and useful for your remodelling project.

Happy Weekend! 🙂

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