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Alluring Sound Waves

Amidst the hip reverie and bistros nested within 10 Winstedt Road, is where the chic and comfortable Atlas Sound and Vision Showroom lies. As my team and I were ushered through the bright reception doors to the enclave of luxe mirrors that acts as sleek television sets to rich sound waves that beckons you to sit back, relax and perhaps sip some Moet as the music envelopes you.


My team and I had the privilege of being one of the first few in Singapore, to enjoy a private tour of the new SoundTouch Series by Bose. The SoundTouch Series comes in Small, Medium and Large sizes, which are technically referred to as SoundTouch® 10, SoundTouch® 20 and SoundTouch® 30 respectively.  Let me give you the general technical specs and low down before diving into exciting highlights!


True to Bose’s ethos and innate style, the SoundTouch® family of products is sleek, with simple clean lines and come in two contemporary colors of matt black and white with a trimming of sliver for definition. The soft silicon buttons at the top of each SoundTouch® allows you to hit your favorite pre-set song, playlist or even radio channel! You can plug into millions of tunes with instant connectivity through Deezer, Spotify, iTunes or Internet Radio all in one place.  Setup is as easy as can be, as you access the App, just set your favorites and you are ready to rock and roll! You can control the music from your smart phones or tablets! (Although they come with a remote)


Change your mind as often as you would like by simply swopping out the presets. The entire range is wireless, connects directly to your home Wi-Fi system and is Smartphone-friendly with instant Bluetooth connectivity. Imagine unwinding after work to liquid gold classics from Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles on your SoundTouch® wireless music system.

For smaller spaces within the home, start with SoundTouch® 10, a nifty yet smart looking piece for full yet robust sounds that serenades. I was trying on some of Adele’s songs and was blown away by the crystal clarity of the deliverance and how I almost could hear Adele singing next to me, with such clear diction. Yet, the bass and tremble was strong, rich and almost on cue, allowed the song to emote the needed feelings to compliment Adele’s repertoire.

Then along came the SoundTouch® 20 and 30, both handsome looking pieces with quiet elegance in their design.  As the same Adele song was being played, to ensure fairness in what I was listening to, I was swept off my feet by the depth and rich layering of tone on tones and just how this piece of wireless music system would amp up the cool factor in my own home (well, a girl can dream, can’t she?) . Both the SoundTouch® 20 and 30 would be able to cover a wider area and with the OLED display showing you your current song, station or playlist, making it ultra convenient.

The SoundTouch Series is being retailed from just S$399 for SoundTouch® 10 and just S$699 for SoundTouch® 20. The very handsome SoundTouch® 30 retails at S$999 and makes an excellent Christmas present! Put some groove back into music appreciation, the way it should be enjoyed with a Bose! In the past, when you host a party at your place and wanted the music to set the mood, you needed to hunt around for expansion wires to expand out to multi-rooms for the all-rounded sensory experience, with this new SoundTouch® eco-system set in place by Bose, wires will be a thing of the past! The entire range is a mere plug and play away.


If you wish to enjoy the cinematic experience such as the “Blind-fold Test” as what we did during the event, you can email us at, we’ll arrange an appointment with Atlas for you.

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Atlas Sound & Vision

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