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All you need to know before embarking your DIY Renovation Journey Part 4 – High Quality Leather Sofa from Origin Home Fine Furniture

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When you are undertaking the DIY Renovation journey, you might be concerned that you do not have the home interior design knowledge and skill-sets to manage the design aspects of your renovation.

Don’t worry! Let me share with you some secrets of home interior design; actually interior decorating is all about following a simple set of formula. Yes, you can think of this as a simple cheat-sheet to help recreate your very own home with your unique artful flair!

Hence, let me share with you one of the design hacks which we used when it comes to pulling together the interior design of our place. By following this simple trick, you can create a functional and yet aesthetically pleasing personal space for you and your family!

Splurge on a Sofa!

Do you know that the sofa is the most important element which will influence the design which you choose for your home? Sofa selection is the 1st step when it comes to deciding your Home Interior Design!

Do you know?

The sofa is the largest and the only piece of furniture which you will spend almost 70%-80% of your waking moments in it. Hence, you should treat the sofa as a lifelong investment and look for the best quality and most comfortable sofa which you could afford.

Firstly, by visiting numerous sofa showrooms to find the perfect sofa before deciding on the interior design. This is the easiest way to ensure that the theme which you have adopted is seamlessly integrated together with your furniture. This is because the make, material, texture and color used for the sofa will have a direct impact on the choices of your other furnishings and home interior design.

Case in point?

A Manhattan black leather sofa goes well with the Industrial style due to its masculine vibes. You can up the masculine factor by adding stark white masculine pillows at the sides.

A brown Chesterfield leather sofa also sits very well with Victorian design; simply throw in a marble, gold accented coffee table to complete look!

 Create a Vignette with the chosen Sofa

After deciding on your sofa, you can then proceed to create a Vignette – which is a small area that is formed by a variety of matching objects in terms of color, texture, material and theme. This is the second step which helps you to further refine your the interior design.

To help you to kick start this process, look for a coffee table, TV console and rug that matches your chosen Sofa. So you can think of this step as simply grouping several objects which have common elements together to create a cohesive, eye pleasing, pocket-sized arrangement. When you have completed this part, you should have a clearer idea of the design that you wish to adopt for your home.

6 Things You Should Look Out for When Shopping for a Sofa

Here are some useful tips on choosing quality sofas that will be able to withstand regular use and test of time!

Find High Quality Affordable Sofa and Furniture at Origin Home Fine Furniture!

“If a single piece of furniture has the ability to define the style of personal living space, that piece would be the sofa”

We chanced upon Origin Home Fine Furniture during our quest for our perfect leather sofa. Although it is an extremely challenging task for us due to the compact size of our apartment and budget constraints, we managed to find our dream sofa there!

Jeanette Ng, the Director of the Origin Home Fine Furniture , informed us that their furniture store focuses exclusively on high quality, natural and organic materials for all of its furniture. Despite this, she still ensures that the Origin Home Fine Furniture‘s extensive range of sofas, tables and chairs still remain surprisingly affordable for homeowners. In fact, Origin Home Fine Furniture‘s rapidly growing customer base can attest to its rising popularity since its inception on 15th March 2017.

 What makes Origin Home Fine Furniture’s Sofas unique?

The reasons why Origin Home Fine Furniture’s Sofas stood out from the rest are as follows:

(1) Wide Selection of Leather Quality and Colors

There is a wide range of materials to choose from; ranging from premium exotic to full grain leather in an amazing array of natural colors!

(2) Allows for Customization

You can design your sofa to your perfection! Starting from the types, dimensions and colors of the leather and material used for the sofa legs can be customized.

(3) High Quality Leather Assured

The sofas carried by Origin Home Fine Furniture are available in full grain leather which is much more expensive than corrected leather. This is because full grain leather that comes with no or minimal imperfections and smooth surface is much rarer. In contrast, pieces of inferior leather that are actually full of imperfections are available in vast quantities. Therefore, the inferior leather is very much cheaper since they can undergo additional processing to correct its grain and uneven texture. As a result, high quality full grain leather maintains its natural sheen and so no two sofas which are upholstered with full grain leather are identical.

Furthermore, full grain leather sofas are actually more scratch resistant than top grain sofas since the scratches can be easily removed using the leather oil. Also, one of the advantages of getting a leather sofa is that it requires a lower amount of maintenance effort since it only requires a bit of dusting or vacuuming before it is wiped clean with a leather cleaner.

Case in point?

Let us take a look at the video which shows how easily scratches are removed from a full-grain sofa! 🙂

Do you know?

A good quality leather is not determined by the thickness of the leather. However, most homeowners are under the false impression that “Top” grain leather sofas are of higher quality.

In fact, the premium exotic leather sofas carried by Origin Home Fine Furniture goes through a special tanning process that retains its natural colors while keeping it very lightly sanded n buffered. Due to its scarcity, premium exotic leather is more expensive than its full grain cousin since they are thicker too.

(4) Matching Coffee Tables, Dining Tables and Chairs

Aside from sofas, Origin Home Fine Furniture also carries coffee tables, dining tables and chairs. The sofas and dining chairs are available in matching premium exotic, full leather and imported European cotton, which is actually water guarded so that it is resistant to red wine stains. Therefore, you can easily create the vignette with a wide variety of matching furniture in terms of color, texture and material!

(4) Impeccable Service and Experience

Although we did not introduce ourselves as the RenoNation team, the service rendered by Origin Home Fine Furniture is top notch and noteworthy. In fact, Jo, the Furniture Guru and her assistance, Claudia made us feel extremely at home and also helped us to select the suitable sofa based on our lifestyle needs and budget.

Do you know?

A low height sofa of around 1.5 m – 1.7 m will make a compact room look bigger and more airy. However, the actual seating area will be influenced by the thickness of the arm rest and the sofa back.

For instance, originally we thought that Barker was able to fit our requirements. Nevertheless, after some in-depth discussion  with Jo and Claudia we realized that the Barker will not offer much seating deck space due to the thick arm rest and back rest. Also, the proportions of the customized, smaller version will not match with the proportions of the compact room.

In contrast,  Discreet was a much better choice with its sleeker arm rest and sofa back.


The trade in promotion will start on 17th Aug, Thursday.
Do check out the campaign’s details either from the Origin Home Fine Furniture’s website or facebook page!

 Where can you find the Origin Home Fine Furniture’s Showroom?

The details of the showroom as follows:

Address: 201 Henderson Road #03-19/20/21 (Road Level) Apex@Henderson,
Singapore 159545
Tel: +65 6909 0765
Fax: +65 6909 0756
Business Hours: 11AM – 8PM daily including PH


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