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12 Bathroom DIY Renovation Lessons – All you need to know before embarking your DIY Renovation Journey Part 9

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We have learnt many valuable lessons during our DIY Renovation Journey and some of the valuable ones were learnt while we were renovating our bathroom. Since we do not have an Interior Designer to help us, we had to read and research extensively before we discuss with our renovation project manager. Nevertheless, to help you jump start you fr renovation journey, here is a compilation of the 12 bathroom renovation lessons which we had learnt so far….

1. Seal the water closet
Our water closets were abused as rubbish bins since the sub contractors kept throwing plastic wraps, copper wires, used cigarette butts and so on in them. This was despite the renovation project manager issuing repeated specific instructions not to abuse the water closets! In the end, we had to tape the water closets up using masking tapes and on hindsight, we should have done this right prior the start of the renovation. This was because we encountered similar issues with the sub-contractors when we were renovating our first home.

2. Protect the vanity counter-top

Our vanity counter-tops were made of white solid top material which is easily scratched and stained. Hence, we instructed them, along with the basin, to be covered up with thick plastic wrappers to prevent accidental scratches and stains.

3. Shower swing door is reversible

We realized that a lot of homeowners did not realize that the direction of the shower swing door is reversible. Yes, you can reverse the direction of the swing door by removing and installing the shower rubber door seal in the other direction. Here is an illustration of the rubber door seal.

Image from

4. Treat the bathroom tiles to be anti-slip

Treat the bathroom tiles with the anti-slip solution last after all the other bathroom renovation works have been completed. In fact, ensure that the renovation sequence always starts from the top and ends at the bottom. This is to prevent damage to the chemically treated floor tiles.

5. Ensure adequate ventilation and lighting

Poorly ventilated bathrooms would mould easily due to the high moisture levels. Bathroom exhaust fans would keep mould and mildew growth at bay and are also useful for removing nasty odours from the bathroom!

6. Ensure that the top bathroom cabinet is full height

Leaving a gap between the ceiling and the top of the bathroom cabinet will collect dust and so you need to clear the dust periodically. To ensure that minimal maintenance is needed, the bathroom cabinet should be of full height. If you wish to have lightning effects, it is recommended to install the lights at the bottom of the cabinet.

Image from

7. Ensure adequate clearance between the cabinet doors

The bathroom cabinet doors will impact the sides of the bathroom wall if no adequate clearance is given. To address this, the bathroom cabinet should have a thickness of around 1.5 cm to 2 cm around it.

Image from traceylgray0375

Alternatively, you can use the silicon bumpers at the top of the affected cabinet door to avoid direct impact to the wall.

Image from aliexpress

8. Quality of mirror used impacts the cost of the cabinet

There are many types and quality of mirrors which can be used for to construct a mirrored cabinet. The thinner mirror of around 3 mm is recommended for carpenter works due to its weight. Furthermore, the better quality ones are clear and do not have a greenish tint. Alternatively, you can use acrylic mirrors if you are looking for a much lighter and cheaper alternative.

9. Use the bathroom basin to partition the top cabinet doors

Always use the width of the bathroom basin to decide on where the mirrored cabinet doors should start and end. This is because you would not want your reflection in the mirror to be “split” into two. And having smaller mirrored cabinet doors at the sides would make it easier for you to access your daily essentials such as makeup or shavers.

Image from residencestyle

10. Ensure that the towel hangers are installed near to the shower area

It is not ergonomic to install only one towel right in the middle of the bathroom wall. This is because unless your bathroom is very small, you have to step out of the shower and reach for the towels to dry yourself. This will probably make your bathroom floor wet and slippery in the progress. Hence. you should consider moving the towel hanger nearer to the shower area so that it is within easy reach.

11. Depth of the top mirrored cabinet should cater for the thickest items

Always take measurements of the thickest items which you wish to store in the bathroom cabinet before the carpentry fabrication. For us, we intended to store rows of the toilet rolls at the topmost portion of the bathroom cabinets and therefore, a depth of 12 cm was set aside. Since the top of the bathroom cabinet is not frequently accessed, the storage space can set aside for less frequently used bathroom essentials.

12. Ensure adequate clearance between the vanity counter-top tap and the top cabinet

Always leave adequate clearance of around 7cm to 10 cm between the bottom of the top bathroom cabinet and the tap so that the counter-top tap can be replaced easily by the plumber in the future. If there is inadequate clearance, the plumber might have to disassemble the cabinet in order to pull out the faulty tap to get it replaced.

Image from Ikea

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