All You Need to Know about Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink

  • Jan 26, 2018

Aside from the water closets and bathroom sinks, the kitchen sink is one of the most frequently used household fixture; it is where your delicious meals are prepared and greasy dishes are cleaned up at the end of the day. Therefore, it is critical that aside from the aesthetic appeal, you need to choose one that is durable and functional so that it suits your lifestyle!

 As mentioned in this blog post, the first step in choosing the right kitchen sink is to understand the types of sinks and the various configurations that are available. Now, let us share with you the second step; here are the 3 main areas which you should look out for.

#1. Be Materialistic

There is a wide range of kitchen sink material to choose from; from stainless steel to ceramic.

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Stainless Steel*
Stainless steel is most commonly used for the kitchen sink. They are very affordable, well known for its durability and available both in matte brushed and polished finishes. You should avoid highly polished stainless steel since stains and scratches are less visible in brushed and the matte finish.

The quality of the stainless steel sink is defined by the thickness and the grade of the stainless steel used. Take note that the 316 stainless steel grades are of higher quality than the 304 ones.

In addition, stainless steel sinks, like copper sinks can be prone to dents and scratches when dishes and glassware are dropped. Furthermore, a stainless steel sink still needs to be frequently cleaned to prevent bacteria growth.

Do you know?
Stainless steel sinks have proved to be the most durable and the most affordable sink in the Unsinkable Kitchen Sink test.

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Copper is known for its natural antimicrobial properties. Hence, aside from the aesthetics appeal, since its color gives the sink a unique and antique look, the antimicrobial properties meant that there are health benefits when it comes to using a copper sink.

However, as copper sinks are usually made of  annealed recycled copper, the lowered quality material might allow bacteria to survive. Hence, remember to check the purity of the copper used before purchasing the sink.

Similarly, like the stainless steel, the thicker the copper is, the better quality it is. Therefore as a general guide, take note that the lower the cooper gauge is, the thicker it is.

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*Note: Noise Reduction
You can reduce the noises made by plates and cookware in a stainless steel or copper sink by installing insulating materials to the underside of the sink. Here is an example of a simple kitchen sound damping DIY kit. Do note that sound absorbing pads actually absorb sounds better than the spray-on coating.

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Granite composite
A granite composite sink is made of man made stone, engineered with granite stone dust and acrylic resins. Others can be made of a mixture of quartz dust and acrylic resins. Since composite granite is an engineered stone, unlike natural granite, a composite granite sink does not require sealing.

A granite composite sink can withstand low heat, cold materials and is largely resistant to dents, scratches and chips. Unlike stainless steel and copper sinks, water spots do not show up on the granite composite sink easily.

A granite composite sink comes in a great variety of  uniform colors. However, stains will show up more easily on lighter colored granite composite and will crack if mishandled. Also, exposure to harsh chemicals can damage a composite granite sink. Generally, a composite granite sink is cheaper than a natural granite sink.

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Ceramic sinks, or sometimes known as Fireclay sinks, are often recommended for a country kitchen theme, or when you want pure white sinks. Fireclay sinks are actually a form of ceramic but with a stronger finish. They are generally resistant to light scratches, stains and chips and are very easy to maintain. Nevertheless, they can still crack when subjected to high impacts, knocks and are sensitive to high temperatures.
Ceramic sinks are much heavier than stainless steel or copper sinks and more costly too. They are available typically in white and off-white. Some colors such as black and grey might be available as well.

#2. Jazz Up with Sink Accessories

The most important sink accessory is the tap, which is widely available in a myriad of dazzling designs and finishing. In addition, the sink manufacturers are also providing sink accessories customized to complement the design of the sink so that it can improve its look, efficiency, minimize the foot print and keep the area neat and tidy. These customized accessories include cutting boards which fit perfectly over the sink, slick knife blocks, dish racks and cleaning utensils holders.

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Kitchen sprayer is very handy when you need to rinse the corners of the sink, clean the food or fill up the pot with water. Therefore, having the faucet with the right sprayer helps you in being more efficient in your kitchen tasks! These sprayers are generally available in the form of the pull-out, which offers the most flexibility, pull-down, and side spray.

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#3. Faucets that Function Well

In addition, look out for faucets with ceramic disk valve and solid brass base materials since they are more durable. Keep away from cheaper faucets with rubber washer since ceramic disc faucets are much more tolerant against wear and tear.

Also, normally ceramic disc faucets come with cartridges that allow water temperature to be adjusted. This is very useful when you need to control the water temperature. Furthermore, flow-adjustable cartridges are more environmentally friendly since you can control the flow and conserve the water.

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