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All You Need is Coffee: Chill Out with the Café Interior Style

The proliferation of cafés is a distinctly urban phenomenon. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, quiet cafés are like oases in a dry, scorching desert.

Cafés often have interesting and creative design themes. For Noir-themed cafés, you can see movie posters and ornaments adorning the walls. For music-themed cafés, you can see colourfully-painted ukuleles, turntables and musical note decals on the windows.

Have you thought of giving your home a café theme? If you enjoy the café’s mellow, comforting atmosphere, or maybe you have a great time immersing yourself in the culinary arts, the Café style might be for you!

The café style is not restricted by rules, though there are three key features that can instantly bring the coffeeshop atmosphere to your home.

Before delving into the three key features, first you can have fun deciding what your coffeeshop’s theme is. Think about its overall temperament, the atmosphere you want it to exude. Futuristic, rebellious, classical, rustic, there are no set rules. It all depends on the shop owner’s taste.

For traditional cafés, decorations tend to gravitate towards warm tones. Furnishing and ornaments are often selected carefully.

Walls with personality

The building material and colour of the walls will determine the atmosphere your coffee shop emanates.

Porcelain tiles are great for a classic look, while bare red bricks give the interior an industrial look. If you are a fan of Japanese coffee house, clear white walls will look on point. For a luxurious look, paint your walls with artistic wall coating.

If you’re looking for more affordable options to decorate the walls, choose from a wide range of wallpaper designs. Besides, decals with cool designs can add more fun to your café.



Well-designed lighting can bring personality to your home instantly, and increase the interior’s spaciousness.

One way to make the most of lighting is to partition the interior with light. In the dining room, use hanging lights instead of ordinary lights to emphasise the purpose of the area.

To put it simply, complement furniture of different spaces with suitable lighting to emphasise the functions of each space. Besides, standing lights and desk lamps can be used for corners, bookshelves and coffee tables to accentuate the presence of the furniture.

Furniture and ornaments

Chairs in assorted styles

Generally speaking, the style of furniture depends on the overall theme of your café. But allowing stylistic variation can be a very café-like thing to do.

Think of the secret coffeehouses you have visited and loved. In some cafés, the furnishing style is quite carefree and effortlessly assorted.

The mix-and-match of patchwork chairs, leather couches and wooden stools work very well in evoking a sense of freedom, and keep the interior looking interesting.

This furnishing strategy is what brings the Café style to life.

Slate boards

Another must-have for the Café style is slate boards. You can write down your grocery list and daily to-dos on the board. This item is both stylistic and practical.

LED filament lights

Retro-looking and energy-efficient, the LED filament light bulb is both stylish and practical. You can use them as hanging lights for the dining area. Replicate the café look with these cool light bulbs!

Bar stool


A quintessential item in Parisian patisserie, let’s not forget the bar stool. For a chic touch, opt for Minimalist-designed stools with clean and geometric silhouettes.

Alternatively, choose rattan stools for a more rustic look.

(Image: th2 studio)

House plants


Add a touch of life to your café with house plants of different sizes. Consider how the vases and pots can contribute to the theme of your café.

Coffee bean glass jars, of course!


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