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The ABCs of Choosing a Perfect TV

Gone are the days where televisions were monochromatic, huge, and unbelievably heavy. Much like humans, these entertainment boxes have gradually evolved and come a long way as well. From CRT TVs to LCD TVs all the way to LED TVs, LG has always been a leader in the evolution of televisions. Working with ceaseless innovation, LG finally developed the slimmest OLED TV in the history of TV technology.


The conventional LED TV is illuminated by lights coming from the panel and several sheets, making it heavy, thick, and possibly even difficult to express true colours. LG’s OLED TV, however, doesn’t need backlights. Hence its incredibly slim design and ability to display flawless images. With this, we can safely say that when it comes to choosing the perfect television, it’s as simple as 6 alphabets: A, B, C, D, H, S.


1. Perfect Angle

Do images on your television look washed out or slightly faded when you’re watching it from a different angle? Are you frustrated at trying to find the best way to place your TV such that it gives off the best picture?

We sometimes have friends and family over for gatherings and celebrations, right? Picture this: everybody is happily settled on the couch watching a Big Bang concert and having a good time… well, except the ones seated at both ends of the sofa because what they see is somewhat faded or washed out because of the terrible angle.

Time to check that off your worry list. LG’s OLED TV solves this old problem because of its self lighting pixels that ensure no distortion caused by light refraction. With 12 times* more accurate colour and 2000 times* better contrast ratio at 60 degrees, you can get a perfect viewing experience from any corner.

*Comparison against VA LCD TV


2. Perfect Black

Admit it, you’ve found yourself squinting your eyes at the screen when it comes to darker scenes in your favourite movie, attempting to better understand what’s going on. Either that or you’re busy turning up the brightness level to get clearer images. Well, first of all, squinting isn’t healthy for those precious orbs of yours. Second of all, upping the brilliance of the screen honestly doesn’t do much except wash out the effect of the pictures. In some instances, the halo effect (occurs when a bright subject appears on a dark field and glows brightly) is unintentionally created, further disrupting what’s supposed to be an enjoyable viewing experience.

Thankfully, there is now a solution to this. Behold, infinite contrast and a 200 times deeper standard of black — the LG OLED TV’s self lighting pixels control light independently. This means that if there’s a part of an image that is really dark, those pixels are switched off to deliver very deep blacks. Because of this, there is almost no light leakage and the result is a clearer, more vivid image that’s perfect for dark scenes. Here’s a video to help you illustrate the point.


3. Perfect Colour

You know how some people always say nothing beats seeing things for yourself in person? Or that what you see on a screen can never compare to its actual level of magnificence? Secret: it’s all about the television. The expanded colour scope of the LG OLED TV offers 99% of the Digital Cinema Initiative’s (DCI) colour standard — billions of perfect colours are revealed in perfect black. The result is a 64-fold increase in colour enrichment against conventional LCD TV, letting viewers explore an extremely impressive level of colour detail.


4. Perfect Design

Have you ever wondered how slim a television can get while still providing a stellar viewing experience? The answer is 2.57mm. Yes, you didn’t read that wrongly. You won’t find a television that’s slimmer than this in the current market. That’s because LED TVs in the market have a rather complicated structure and require quite a few panels to operate, namely the LCD panel, top case, diffuser sheet, prisme sheet, diffuser plate, reflector, and cover bottom.

LG’s OLED TV, however, only comprises a super thin OLED panel and transparent glass plate, both of which combined are only as thick as the width of 4 credit cards stacked together. They’ve managed to do away with all the other panels and yet still make it all work. Your television can now be a statement art piece you can show off to family and friends.


5. Perfect HDR


Have you heard someone bragging about their television supporting HDR? What’s so good about it? HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, which allows content to be expressed in a wider and richer range of colours, making it perfect for depicting everything from the brightest sunlight to the darkest starry night. The LG OLED TV is capable of expressing more than 20 stops of brightness compared to just 14 for the best LCD TVs in the market.

Unlike most TV manufacturers that only support the HDR 10 format, the LG’s OLED TV is the only TV in Singapore that is compatible with both Dolby Vision and HDR 10. The fact that Dolby Vision is being embraced by major Hollywood studios such as Warner and MGM serves as another factor in proving that the LG OLED TV is future-proof. Here’s a video to help you understand this better.


6. Premium Sound


What’s good visuals without marvellous audio to back it all up? Sound designed by harman/kardon adds premium sound to your entire entertainment experience, allowing you to immerse yourself further in whatever that’s playing on the screen.

LG has brilliantly fused a soundbar as the stand for this masterpiece. It offers 60W front-facing audio with a 4.2 channel system, which delivers flawless sound to your ears. That’s not all, the stand/soundbar can even be folded backwards if you choose to wall-mount it.


Editor’s Note:


On top of the six awesome features listed above, there’s another important reason why we think the LG OLED TV is the perfect television for your home. It has met all the criteria to earn its title as Netflix’s recommended TV. These include:

  • TV instant on: Your TV wakes and apps are ready to use right away
  • TV resume: If you were using Netflix when you turned the TV off, it will return to Netflix when turned on again.
  • Latest Netflix version: Your TV comes with the latest version of Netflix with the newest features
  • Fast app launch: Start Netflix quickly after you turn on your TV
  • Easy Netflix icon access: Netflix is prominent and easy to access on your TV.

With the popularity of Netflix and its relevance in the entertainment world today, you can rest assured that the LG OLED TV is meeting all of the requirements and providing the most it can for your entertainment.

With all the above-mentioned qualities, the LG OLED TV perfectly shows everything the way it really is. Designed after how life should be, perfect picture quality is guaranteed because your eyes deserve the best. Believe in seeing perfection, believe in the LG OLED TV. You can find out more about LG OLED TVs here.


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