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A Treat for You – Nature’s Nest

As we enter into a new month, let’s feature one of our exclusive events conducted during September. On 19th September 2015, we collaborated with Bosch as well as Nature’s Nest for an event exclusive to selected readers of our magazine.


Readers were invited to the Bosch Experience Centre located near Marymount MRT for a morning filled with conversations with brand ambassadors as well as food tastings prepared by the renowned Chef John Sawarto, the founder of Personal Chef Singapore. Chef John has had experience cooking for a number of key political figures in Singapore, including Mr. Lee Hsien Loong and Dr. Tony Tan, the Prime Minister and President of Singapore respectively. Chef John is reputable for advocating for brands whose products he sincerely trusts and we were simply honored to have him with us that day.

To kick-start the event, the lucky readers had the opportunity to explore every corner of the Bosch Experience Centre and have a close up with a wide array of Bosch products. Bosch Experience Centre boasts a fully equipped kitchen that is the most ideal location for any individual to whip up delectable dishes without worrying about the availability of the equipment. Readers were also given the opportunity to purchase Bosch’s equipment at a preferential rate.

One of the highlights of this event was also the introduction of Natures Nest’s birds’ nest that advocates against bleaching. No Bleaching, No Feather Picking, Convenient Preparation for the modern day consumers – these are their promises to you.


Little did our readers know, they were in for a treat that morning! Readers had the opportunity to watch Chef John himself in action, cooking the bird’s nest on the spot. After all, it only takes 30 minutes to soak and another 30 minutes to cook. From appetizers that started with pulled pork served on a biscuit to bird’s nest desserts such as bird’s nest egg tart, there was more than enough to share and yet the dishes were cleaned up almost immediately.


This event was a huge success for RenoNation, an opportunity for us to appreciate and pamper our readers for all the support they have given to us. Last but not least, we would like to thank both Bosch as well as Nature’s Nest for their brilliant products which allowed us to give our customers only the best of experience.

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